Learn to make cool squishy stress ball DIY method or buy

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Learn to make cool squishy stress ball DIY method or buy


How to make stress ball DIY method that works. Do you need a cool squishy stress ball to make yourself for buy then this post will be of great help

A stress ball is a little ball used to relief stress from your hands muscles and can be used as a way of exercise.

You have just returned from work and you discovered that your hands are aching probably from much handling certain work tools or using them on the keyboard for a great length of time.

There are so many factors that can contribute to stress muscles.

For example, if you are a working mum especially a teacher and you spend most of the day writing for your pupils, these can make your hands a little stress and a quick relief will help.

Learn to make cool squishy stress ball DIY method or buy

Let’s us take it a little further. If you have been involved in various kinds of craft making.


Sometimes, you are through with your work but your muscles are also stressed out.

Then you need a stress relief ball.

You see, having a stress ball will do you a lot of good and help you free some aching muscles and rejuvenate your life.

So this article is all about

But wait,

Let’s us first answer the following questions


Do stress balls help with stress?

Yes they do. Research studies have proven that with right stress relief balls, you will actually be reducing drastically the stress you are having. The belief is that there are certain hormones that are produced during stress .

According to link


In response to stress, the level of various hormones changes. Reactions to stress are associated with enhanced secretion of a number of hormones including glucocorticoids, catecholamines, growth hormone and prolactin, the effect of which is to increase mobilization of energy sources and adapt the individual to its new circumstance

So there is an actual increase of cortisol hormone



Are stress balls good?

Stress relief ball are very good. There are so many types and they are generally used in various ways. You can use them at home. Cortisol level increasing due to work or adverse situation should be avoided.

If your back is stressed and you immediate change the activity you were on, that change will have an immediate impact on your back. This impact is what relief balls does. Instead of allowing accumulation of stress hormones in one particular area of your body, you are spreading and removing them gradually

Are stress balls good for anxiety?

Stress anxiety are caused by so many factors. Stress ball keep your mood actively engage and with these mild movements, you are relieved. So anxiety patients can use them too. However I will suggest you combine these or begin a play or little exercise with soft music with these.


Are stress balls poisonous?

They may be poisonous but it depends on the makers materials. Before you buy any stress ball, find out what the product material is composed of. Some of these materials are safe but you should verify from the manufacturer.

But I will advise you not to allow these balls to be swallowed. The reason is that they can be poisonous. What are poisonous substances? They are really what our body do not really want. I’m pretty sure your body will reject the chemical materials that may have been involved in making stress balls.



What you need to learn how to make stress balls the materials

Making stress balls is a wonderful thing and there are many ways to do these. I will guide you quickly on how you can achieve these with little resource.

This is a do-it-yourself method that works. DIY stress ball working method

school glue and a bowl

Learn how to make cool squishy stress ball DIY method or buy

  • school glueLearn to make cool squishy stress ball DIY method or buy
  • bowl
  • detergent/
  • liquid starch
  • food coloring optional
  • spoon
  • bowl
  • top of small plastic
  • the attach balloon
  • fishnet

how to make cool squishy stress ball

DIY Super Cool Squishy Stress Ball! How to Make The Coolest Stress Ball!

get a school glue that is white in color and made with a plastic container. And bring a bowl which you need for this cool squishy stress ball.

Pour glue inside the bowl and add detergent or liquid starch

I will be using detergent for this tutorial.

Add a little food color. You can choose any color you want.

Next you begin  mix them   in the bowl. Use a spoon tha you have set aside for this very purpose to mix thoroughly. Mix slowly and thoroughly.

You will now have a slime. This is a solid paste of slime. From two major material here, the school glue and detergent.

Cut the top of a little plastic to be used as a funnel. What I am saying is that you will need to use the mouth of a plastic bottle as a funnel. You can’t use a traditional funnel because the trunk / stem is too narrow.

Remember we are pouring a thick paste slime so a normal funnel cannot do this.

Next you get a balloon.

Fix the mouth of the cut out funnel from plastic bottle in the balloon and pick up the slime paste you made

After this you will begin shoving the paste into the balloon.


When you are done.

Do and repeat the process for three or four balloon depending on the quantity of slime.


Tie the balloon mouth. Remember you are using a big balloon size.

Tie the mouth properly.


Then press with your finger the very well. Continue pressing it for some minutes. You will notice that the ball seems soft.


The final process is for you to put it inside a fish net.

Yes a fish net.

Get a black fishnet and put


Use your hands and make a paste of it slowly to make slime


Pick the slime and cut out the top of small plastic

the attach balloon and put slime inside

shove it inside balloon

tie balloon



use fishnet

put balloon and squeeze inside net


tie squishy ball inside fish net and make more and choose different balloon color. Then rinse and repeat this feat.

Some cool stress ball you can buy on amazon


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PBPBOX Hand Therapy Ball


This particular  PBPBOX Therapy Grip Balls helps you to regain more energy and strength. Its very well made by the manufacturer and you will love these as each day passes. Combine these with other balls that you have learned to make from these tutorial. Then you are good.


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  1. InsidersPro Stress Relief Ball

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Insiders Pro Stress Relief Ball

This particular stress ball are made with fun quotes written all over them. They appear pretty nice and you will have a nice time using them and the quotes are truly inspirational.


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Include a sand timer

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Each ball is 2.5 inches in diameter

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4. elbow star Balls – Grip Therapy Stress Ball

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Elbo Star Hand Therapy Stress Ball


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serenelite and therapy stress ball

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This one is not an ordinary stress ball. It can be used by athlete to ease their hands and muscles. You know that athletes do lots of workouts and may become stress out in the process. This will be handy and really helpful.

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voidbiov Hand Squeeze Stress Balls Set with Carry Bag


this is a multiple color and many stressed balls well colored and carries varying degree of resistance. Its quite a wonderful experience using these. If you are short on time. Just pick one of these set of balls. We may not all make them at home as suggested above but you can order them online.


Key Features:


Helps relieve arthritis and carpal tunnel pain

It has three resistance levels

Well Color-coded balls and eggs (based on resistance level)

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