Easy Ways to Write a Perfect Cover Letter


How to write a perfect cover letter that sells you

What is a cover letter and why is it very important?

A cover letter is a piece of document teller potential recruiters about what you can offer them and why it’s you that must be picked for the position. It’s your foremost marketing agent in print

how to write a perfect cover letter

This article covers how to write a cover letter that will get accepted opened and read.

Here is your nice Cover Letter Checklist

 Have you really consider

 Is my coved the formatting of your cover letter and take into account the size of the font type and size?

Is my cover written to represent a personal tone and is it really addressing the company from a personal view?

Have I shown them that I am able to do the describe job or play a very important role / position as advertised?

Have I gathered enough experience and if the answer is yes, will this experience be useful in this organization and will it enhance the goals of the company?

 Have you checked and recheck for any grammatical error or spelling mistake and correct them as soon as it was noticed?

Have you addressed the cover letter to the right company address and is the name of the company well spelt and written?

cover letters

So all these checklist are very important to keep your cover letter writing tips updated

Now let drive into more enhancing stuff about writing a cover letter for internship or employment purposes. Take the following into account as it will really help

  1. Research like a pro

Lets say that you are applying as a lab technician. You need to research this particular role and the following questions might actually be helpful

What does the company do?

If it’s a hospital, this will be easier for you as you know that they are set up to save lives. Not only that, be specific as some establishment have objectives and mission statement. You can obtain these and craft something personal.

Who are their competitors in the business?

Their competitors are similar businesses or establishment offering the same services or simply competing for the same customers. So how does this apply to you? Your goal is to know their mission and put yourself as a supporter and believer of this mission and you are willing to work with them so they can be number one.

Who are their target audience?

Is it all the sick people or diabetic or the single mother who is down on credit. A target audience is the market that buys what they sell. If your application is going to a company that sells information, then you need to know their target audience and find out where they hang out.

What does the role involve?

What are your essential skills?

Don’t be afraid to show what you can do. But always try to think out of the box. Remember if you have written that you possess interpersonal skills, how will this skill affect their overall bottom line?

This will give a characteristic voice to your cover letter and resume.

Now it’s time to really see how we can format this cover letter. You have taken all your time writing this cover letter and having done all the necessary research, it’s time to polish your work.

How to format a cover letter (POLISH)

You will begin by reading all you have typed carefully to yourself and slowly. You may also ask someone around to assist you in reading it aloud.

Let them highlight any error that was noticed. Go back and fix all error you noticed.

Use a good font and size. Remember that cover letters are best when formatted and limited to A4 page. A single page is all you need. No fancy or gimmick or jargons. These kind of words should be absent on purpose. Fonts should never be too small. Everything should be clear and printed on an A4 paper with blank ink printer preferably.

How to address a cover letter

Address your cover letters very well.

Everyone has a name and would feel you are doing them a favor when you address it to them. Do not get me wrong. I am saying you should address ot to the human resource personnel if they the one doing the recruitment.

You can also address it to the manager if you can get his name ; this is fine too. Personally addressed cove letters makes the receiver feels the connection. Not like someone who mails in a letter saying sir or madam. I know there is nothing wrong using the sir/madam but what if four thousand persons applied for the same position?

This is the reason why you have to think out of the box.

If you manage to find a name – address with ‘Dear Mr Smith/Dear Ms Jones’.

If you cound not find any name then the generic dear sir can be used.

How to structure a cover letter

Are you thinking of how a cover letter should be structured? Now this article will attempt to guide you through this process. There are no hard rules on this. You need to show what you carry. You see just be yourself while impressing the right person who may never have met you.

So here’s a guide on the structure of a cover letter for employment

although you will learn
how to write a cover letter

The all-important opening –

Here you need to go personal. You may include the reference source of the job advertised and add a name if possible.

Example: I want ti apply for the role of ____ in your reputable company _____  and I have enclosed my CV in this letter.

NEXT- THE Second paragraph – Why should you be considered for the job?

Now bring in your academic qualifications and certifications why you are qualified. State any experience you may have and be specific with time.

TIP:  add how you turned things around with those years of experience. Sell yourself here.

For example: from my CV , I have five years’ experience . Three of these years were at the marketing department and two years as manager of advertising.

NEXT – THE Third paragraph – What can you do for the company?

List your career goals. State in clear terms what you can offer career wise

Example: In my current role as marketing manager I have steadily increase the profit and income before expense of the company from 200,000 to 1 million with a year.

NEXT- THE Fourth paragraph – state your interest

Here’s where you state your interest in the job and what you will do for them if your start working with them or if you are given a chance.


I am confident with this level of success, I will be able to replicate the same thing in your company if given a chance. Will love to tell you how I will do this in your company.

Closing the cover letter structure

Sign off by writing yours sincerely or yours faithfully and follow this with your name

 Now lets see the format for writing email cover letters

Email Cover Letters

Email cover letters are the shorter versions of the traditional printed cover letters. Here in your email you might have to go brief since you might be attaching your resume with it. Some establishment require you submit your resume online so here is your opportunity.

Now let us see some sample email cover letter below

Sample Email Cover Letter #1

Dear Ms. Name,

As a passionate architect I want to work in your engineering firm because I have been involved in quite a number of works similar to the one your company is doing and as stated in my CV I will do all my best to make it work