Infantino flip 4 vs Lille baby carrier reviews

lille baby carier

Infantino flip 4 vs Lille baby carrier reviews

We are looking at the top rated reviews of infantino flip 4 –in-1 baby carrier vs Lille baby carrier complete set for newborns and toddlers.

We shall discuss each of them in detail and allow you to make an informed decision. So before you click buy. Read and check them out first.

Complete review of Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier

This is a quick review of the Infantino baby carrier. You baby lille baby cariercarrier needs to be convenient and comfortable. The best on the market and something that your toddler or newborn will love. This is what the infantino product seeks to achieve.  And it has generated quite a number of positive feedbacks . Many mums are satisfied with this baby carrier.  Now in this article, we shall be considering why buying the infantino baby carrier will be a wise choice.

I would call myself a baby-wearer. When I had my son, having something to carry him around with was a godsend. From day one he always wanted to be held. I had tried a wrap before but it didn’t appeal to me so I had used a sling for him at first. It was one that I received for free (+ shipping cost) from a promo code in a magazine. It was nice when he was little, but as he got a little bigger I found he seemed squished in it. There was a way you could adjust it so that your baby was supported on your hip but I could never get it exactly right and I was afraid he would slip through it. DSCN2884


When I received the infantino carrier I really loved it very much. I made and customized the adjustment of the straps to my taste so that I could move my baby with ease. I recall that this product allow a good breathing and airflow system for me and my baby. They have different styles and models of the infantino baby carrier but I chose the simple carrier because I love to have things done in an easy way. You can see the table below as it explains the other models too.


I have two kids and sometimes, we go shopping. I have to hold one of them in hand and the other I have to carry her in the infantino carrier so that we all will have a good time. So this comes as a true helpful product. You will see more information as reveal in a moment.

Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Product Description:

What a unique seat it has and one that enables your toddler to feel loved all through his years. You will see the padded head support and a narrow seat position to keep your baby in shape. You can also switch the position support to wider or narrow as it can be adjusted.


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Carry On Multi-Pocket Carrier


Gather Practical Wrap & Buckle Carrier

Cuddle Up Ergonomic Hoodie Carrier

Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Convertible CarrierSash Wrap & Tie Mei Tai CarrierUpscale Customizable Carrier
Weight Range8-40 lbs / 3.6-18.14 kgs8-40 lbs / 3.6-18.14 kgs12-40 lbs / 5.4-18.1 kgs8-32 lbs / 3.6-14.5 kgs8-36 lbs / 3.6-16.3 kgs8-40 lbs / 3.6-18.14 kgs
Weight Belt Length29-55 inches / 73.66-139.7 cm24-48 inches / 60.96-121.92 cm26-50 inches / 66.04-127 cm24-47 inches / 60.96-119.38 cm22-56 inches / 55.88-142.24 cm26-50 inches / 66.04-127 cm
Carrying PositionsFacing In, Facing Out, BackpackFacing In, BackpackFacing In, BackpackFacing In, Facing Out, BackpackFacing In, BackpackFacing In, Facing Out, Backpack
Additional Benefits6 convenient pocketsCriss-crossing straps for carrying comfortRemovable HoodWonder Cover BibRemovable HoodSoft fabric with quilting details


Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Features:

Convertible Seat:

Unlike many other carriers. This particular one can be adjusted. You know the feeling and process of carrying your baby’s leg and putting then inside a wide carrier. This infantno baby carrier for newborn has a convertible seat which is easily adjustable

Comfortable Carrying:

The shoulder straps and waist belt aid the carrying around of your child and the baby gets a sense of unique comfort. This is truly what you want. A stress free method of carrying your child




Any reviews from plus size moms? How it fits, do the buckles hurt?


I am a plus mum and bought this very product. Since my order, I have never had any problem with it as its adjustable feature fits accurately with my size. So if you really want to know if the buckles hurt. It does not. Made to fit fine and I hope these helps.
My husband prefers the Infantino carry on multi-pocket as he likes the way it fits on him.

Is there any difference  from the Infantino Fusion Flexible Position Baby Carrier? Are they the same product?


They are not the same product despite that they look alike. You can see from our table above . when using this product it cheaper but I discovered that my baby’s weight which is 20 lbs is aching my lower back. The infantino flexible fusion position helped me in this way as its solved the issue.



I want to know if this product will work as I want to put a fake skeleton during Halloween festival inside it?


It will work. Try it.




Do this product posses an infant insert? I have a two month old baby and I really want to find out if he will fit in?


There is no need for infant insert. My two month old fits perfectly well.


THE Item WeightIt is 1.3 pounds
The Product Dimensions10.2 x 10.2 x 4.3 inches
UPC773554001839 781264198503 781264219154
The Item model number200-183
The Target genderUnisex
Minimum weight recommendationIt has 8 Pounds
Maximum weight recommendationWeighs 32 Pounds
Material TypeOther
Number of items1
Batteries requiredNo
Dishwasher safeNo
Is portableNo

Technical Specification

  • The User Guide[PDF]

Additional Information

The ASIN numberB00M0DWQYI


Best Sellers Rank


  • Cheap price and has many product as a bestseller
  • Very good and fits well
  • Loved by lots of buyers
  • Honest reviews and trusted


  • Adjustable




Customer Reviews

The infantino flip 4 in 1 carrier has generated 4.5 out of 5 stars   2,304 customer reviews. This reviews speaks a lot about the usefulness and connection many satisfied buyers have .




The customer reviews shows that the Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier shows that this carrier is good when you are tight on budget. We agree with the rating and you can order this product at a discount today



The infantino flip baby carrier is quite cheap and you can get it at a discount today

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LÍLLÉ baby Complete All Seasons Baby Carrier

The LILLE baby Complete is a soft cottoned baby carrier that has lots of seating positional options for your newborn. If you choose to carry your baby facing the front of the back then the complete set is very useful and convenient way to achieve this. Wearers had trouble adjusting the carrier and learning how to narrow the seat for little one’s comfort. And there is something you really want to avoid. Having a hard time putting your baby carrier strap on and off. This should really be a disturbance. With this product, carry your baby with ease will be all you ever know.


Use the Complete All Seasons Baby Carrier year-round. Just zip down the air panel to reveal cool, BREATHABLE, 3D mesh or close it up for warmth.

This top-rated baby carrier includes EVERYTHING:

  • Include varying ways o support the carrying of babies and infants
  • There is a Unique lumbar support
  • Headrest for the baby’s head
  • Sleeping hood helps keep the child safe from too much heat and sunlight
  • Zippered pocket for keeping minor things and materials
  • Dual adjustable straps for easier breastfeeding of the baby
  • Generous padding for cushion effect and softness

There is so many times your baby feel discomfort and shows you signs that he needs more adjustment. This happens . so the Lille baby complete comfort carrier is very good as it offers lots of options and adjustable styles for child.

The manufacturer has thought of our mother and fathers especially parents who love to give their baby comfort with a baby carrier

You may have heard this :No matter where life takes you, LÍLLÉ baby has you covered.

Lille baby Complete All Seasons Baby Carrier features

We are looking at the top rated reviews of infantino flip 4 –in-1 baby carrier vs Lille baby carrier click buy. Read and check them out first.We are looking at the top rated reviews of infantino flip 4 –in-1 baby carrier vs Lille baby carrier complete set for newborns and toddlers. .

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has given their support for  the COMPLETE as a hip healthy carrier for all babies. This is due to the seat belt strap that keeps the babys hip and leg well positioned .


There is no need for infant inserts as the complete has been made ready to be used by al newborns and infants.


LILLEbaby’s baby carriers offer superior comfort lumber support help the lower back of your child and removes ant form of pain that could have risen from using this product. Thisnisa healthy technique.

All SeasonsAirflowOriginalEmbossedOrganic
The Lumbar Support
Its Weight 7lb-45lb (3.2kg-20kg)
Has Unique FeatureTemperature-control panel: zips up for warmth or down for cool, breathable, 3D mesh.Made with cool, breathable, 3D mesh.Sturdy and durable cotton canvas.Stylish and super soft microfiber with cozy faux suede lining.100% Organic Sturdy and durable cotton canvas.
The Exterior Fabric100% Cotton3D Mesh100% CottonMicrofiber100% Organic Cotton
The Lining Fabric3D Mesh3D Mesh100% Sateen CottonFaux Suede Microfiber100% Organic Sateen Cotton
Machine Washable?
Use without infant insert
Face Forward Carrying
2-way Adjustable Neck-Support
Number of Carrying Positions66666



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Complete All Seasons Baby Carrier Question:

Reviews differ on mesh comfort: Is it soft enough to wear baby in just a diaper? And truly cooler?


Its cooler and more comfortable. The heat usually comes from the baby snuggle against you but this product have been used in hot weather condition and its ok. Its safe to wear in a single diaper.



I’m 4’10 would this be good for me?


Yes it will. it’s been great so far

When you unzip the flap for ventilation, does it just dangle or is there a way to fold or tuck it?


Good question! It rolls up into a tiny little flap at the bottom of the carrier.

Tried in store: on the canvas cotton  thighs seemed hard and uncomfortable, like it would rub constantly. Issues with this on the All Seasons?


It’s a product that gets softer as you wash it. May seem a little hard at first but that will not mean it wont get soft .


Lille baby complete Product information

Color: Stone

Technical Details

The Item WeightIt has 2.4 pounds
The Product DimensionsThe dimensions are 14 x 4 x 11 inches
Item model numberSC-3S-404
The Target genderUnisex
Minimum weight recommendationRecommends 7 Pounds
Maximum weight recommendation45 Pounds
Best usesBaby carrier, Toddler carrier, Child carrier, baby shower gift
Batteries requiredNo
Dishwasher safeNo
Specification metcertified frustration-free
Is portableNo

Additional Information

Its ASIN numberB00KC4VPNU


Bottom of Form



  • Total nice product
  • A bestseller on amazon
  • Has a lot of positive feedback
  • Varying adjustable strap
  • Head support
  • Lumber support.




Looks pretty hard because of canvas material. But these generally softens as you wash them

Customer Reviews4.4 out of 5 stars   1,359 customer reviews

I totally agree with the customer review as the Lille baby is a complete set and has been loved by many. Although it’s a little pricey but this product is ok and we recommend it. You can order it from amazon at a discount.

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