growing lavender: working method you wish you knew

grow lavander

Growing lavender plant is a wonderful things if you know the process. there are many uses of this plant and essential oils can be obtained from it too and considering the facts that this special purple and well scented flowering plant with seeds in in high commercial value. In this article, we shall be discussing how to grow a lavender plant, the different species we have and answering some of you salient questions as much as we can. Here’s how to grow a lavender plant in india, uk, meditterenian or Texas in United States of America.

Lavender is a Mediterranean plant that is grow in so many places around the world like India, Texas US, Spanish lavender, French lavender, lavender from the UK, just mention them. It’s also promoted by beauty industries who use it beautiful picture and scent in their product lines. Learning to grow such a wonder crop require a little patients and practice with some level of work in order for things to work out the way you expected it.


How much is an acre of lavender worth?

They usually sell some of the bunches of lavender at the local market for 6$ each. So when you are seeking for the price of an acre of lavender, this probably means we need to find out how many bunches can be gotten from an acre. Asking some farmer who are the native growers of this crop , the lavender plant can produce about 3000 bunches on an acre of land which will approximately cost around $18,000 and this is just the quarter of it. You can do the math’s yourself from this point. It gradually becomes quite profitable with time and as more quantity are produced.

The ideas reveals that the cost of producing the lavender plant is far less than the expected if you are in the India or the UK, growing lavender will also vary by market factors.

Gardening Tips : Growing Lavender Plants

What is the best time of year to plant lavender?

Lavender plant loves plenty of sunlight and it will be better if you plant this plant during sunlight.

There Is something unique about the lavender plant. They usually attracts butterflies and insects because of their wonder flowering ability and color. But they repel insects such as ants. Are you still searching for the best time to grow lavender? Try growing it during October of the year.

For example, if you live in the coastal regions or areas of the country, you will need to wait for moderate sunlight and less rainfall. This plant grows best under extra sun.

growing lavender: working method you wish you knew

Although you are permitted to grow lavender plant indoors first as a seedling then later transfer it to the sunlight.


Fall or winter seasons no matter the country you come from either uk, America or India. So start early October and allow it indoors so that by spring when the weather is gradually heating up , your lavender seeds are shining bright and getting set to take a huge leap.

Is Lavender a sun or shade plant?

When you are learning How to Grow Lavender, there is every reason to find out if it’s a shade plant or sun loving plant. Before we ever come to a conclusion of what kind of plant this is let us see what the US department of agricultures says

The lavender plant needs two critical things for it to be successful

  1. Sunlight : needs much of these
  2. Well drained soil

So from the above two points , we can deduce that its not a shade plant. I hope this answers your question.



How to Choose the Best Lavender

There are certain factors that you need to consider before you choose the right laender seed plant to grow.

There are so many varieties of it in the market


We have the

  • Lavandula intermedia
  • The lavandula stoechas
  • Lavandula dentate

These are just a few of the lavender spp.

There are many more but let me not digress from this topic of growing lavender.

So what factors do we need to consider when planting our lavender crop

  1. The hardness. What do I mean ? Lavender plant generally love to be cultivated in hot or warmer areas . it seems that the plant usually detest humid conditions and rot easily. Studies has shown that it tends to perform well in warm conditions.
  2. How tall it might grow because there are certain ones which grown to about 30cm while others grow more than this height. If the species you bought grow taller than you can plant them in hedges .
  3. Check the foliage . some of these are ever green while others are green –gray . you will also notice that some of this plant blossoms beautifully and extravagantly
When and Where to Plant Lavender



How to grow lavender Step-by-Step Planting:


Planning to grow a lavender plant this year, here is an easy walkthrough process that will really accelerate your desire for this wonderful plant. Now let us begin


  1. choose healthy plant that have good root
  2. make a hole that is deeper that the root and wider than the stem of the plant you are holding.


Spacing: plant each seedling 1-3 feet apart from themselves . let them find adequate space to grow and these is truly what they need


Watering: this crop doesn’t need much water .however you need to water it every week and especially during the early stages of its growth till it has develop enough strength to withstand harder temperature’s. You can water it twice a week consistently. I am sure that you won’t have a hard time once the lavender picks up rapidly.


Fertilizing: Like water, when it comes to fertilizer, less is more with Lavender. You should not need to feed your lavender plants.

We have already discussed that the lavender plant needs enough sunshine as it is drought tolerant and hereby there is no need to mulching it.

Despite our discovery, you need to ensure that it is also protected from too much cold during the winter season. This is where mulching will really play an important role. So you mulch it to prevent rot during the cold season.




Growing Lavender from Cuttings or Seeds

Planting a wonderful purple colored lavender can be achieved in both ways. From cutting of the stem or part of the root section. And also from the seeds.

Each of them have their benefits and this may also depend on the availability of planting options for you. You may get to the market and they will tell you that there are no seeds at the moment. You have no other option than to plant the stems. So if both option are available, then your choice should be on the time you are expecting it to grow. The stems will be first to reach full maturity stage before the seeds. Either way you will plant both of them if you can.





Planting Lavender in the Right Pot

Terracotta Flowerpot of The Lavender Plant (Lavandula)




When you have chosen to plant your lavender crop plant in the pot , you need to get the best seeds or stem cuttings. Then select the right pot and you can order for a nice pot to put your lavender in it.



Hang them upside down in a dry, cool, place out of direct sun. They’ll be ready to use in about a month.