Knitting Ideas: 7 Easy Ways To Do CAST -ON Knitting Quickly

cast on knitting

how to cast on knitting

7 Knitting Tips That Will Instantly Make you a Better Knitter



The fastest Way to Cast On in Knitting



If you are just starting out, it may seem difficult to get yarn out . do not be afraid as we are here to ensure that that never have to happen again. So you will find many guide and useful tips to improve your knitting skills.

This method is cool, we shall touch various styles as “thumb cast-on” to “single cast-on” to “e-loop cast-on” to “backward loop” to “wrap.”  So that you get a cool result from them.

Now lets get you started as a professional and beginner alike.

Learn How to make the thumb cast-on

If you want to learn how to make the thumb cast –on , see the s

tep by step method below


Do a slip knot with a long tail. You need this tail later




Take the yarn you are on and wrap around your thumb. The needle has to be in your left at this point.

cast on knitting




Create a loop by flipping your hand near your index finger can you see how the yarn looks around your finer. This is how we create e-loop comes from



You need to put the needle in the loop you have made at this point




Remove loop from your hand.

Pull the tout to fasten the stitch. Ensure that its not too tight. Give some room so you can carrying on with other areas. It should not be too loose and floppy. A balance should be compromised. Test it and be certified of its tightness.


Another trick you may consider is this. Get a hold on the working yarn. Wrap it around your thumb and ensure that it’s held in place.



Then slide in the needle around the loop. Allow it to make a knitting section.



Drop your thumb and pull the taut.



When can you  use this cast-on method?

If you are a beginner, this might be just fine. Experienced and professional knitters can choose from a wide range of options. if this seems a bit thin then supplement it with other options.




How to Cast On in Knitting – Two Ways

Actionable tips to give you best knitting patterns- cast-on and scarf


1) Start with good quality ingredients

If you truly want to bring out the best quality, you need this. Quality ingredients. The yarn types and patterns you choose are very important. It does not matter what you are knitting on. A baby mattress or blanket, a hat or scarf or a making a pattern for a project. Get hold of best yarn patterns and materials.

This is the starting point. The first tip to success.


It does not matter where you got the patterns from. Once the base material is cheap and low quality, it won’t give you a better outcome.




Tip 2- Think and think again

Who is wearing this material, what do they want to do with it? What color combinations will I apply here? The answers will be of a healthy guide for your work. Since there are many thing to put into considerations. They include the fiber content, thickness, texture, and color.

When you think, you will have  a pictorial appeal ad result and then move on to the next thing


Tip three – what is the yarn made of?

Yarns are made from different things.

Animal fibers (wool, cashmere, mohair,  angora, alpaca, etc.) are pretty ok since they give warmth and they are not so heavy on you when you wear them. If you are in winter or cold season you will find them useful.  They are more elastic than their plant counterpart.


Plant-based fibers (cotton, flax, hemp etc.) are less elastic and are preferably worn in summer or warmer times. They will be used for straight garments. I must say here that they are stronger than the animal fibers.



 How to work with stitch patterns


Simple stitch patterns useful for colorful separated yarns. So if you really want to try them out as a beginner, start with the simple stockinett pattern, this let your project to look great


Use dark colored yarn to hide your stitches and patterns across multiple sections of your project. There are also complicated yarn stitch patterns.




How to Knit an Infinity Scarf

An easy way to knit    infinity scarf with a great stitch method.

Beginner's Knit Infinity Scarf Tutorial


Get  a quality yarn as in m case I used a good quality yarn because I need consistency


Try to ensure the number of cast –on’s are odd numbers. I ended up with about 169 cast –on’s today



Place the working yarn on one side and use a marker yarn to gauge and follow the pattern you have set out. I did the same too.


For the infinity scarf you need a purl stitch that sticks quickly.

Continue with the pattern you may have chosen for your infinity scarf.



If you watch the video closely, you will see that the marker yarn is free and flowing on its own




When you are knitting the infinity, there’s need to continue at this point. When you arrive at the marker yarn, just switch to your right to knitting



See how the finish work of your infinity scarf looks just perfect the way you have desired



Helpful tips

Get in the right frame of mind:

You need a relaxing and cool atmosphere. This will truly have a great impact on your knitting project. so when you working on an infinity scarf, a baby blanket or just checking out various knitting patterns.

You can mediate and take a cool music. Just let your mind and soul be united and in a peaceful state. This state keep everything in place . this is what you really want. A relaxed state of mind.


You can make your yarn stitches all of the same size. This ensure evenness of fabric patterns


Can you read the patterns? This is very vital since you are planning to cast –on all the way.

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