how to bullet journal to success: Actionable Step by Step Tips

bullet journal ideas

starting a bullet journal entry   and making use of the most important tips and tricks with live examples is what this article is all about. save as a PDF at the end of your reading if you like. before we begin let us answer some of the most pertinent questions on your mind

What is a bullet journal? Have you ever wondered why so many people are crazy about the Bujo method of journal writing? Who is bullet journal ideas for and why should you ever get involved with it? These and many other questions are what you will seek to answer in this article.bullet journal ideas

Honestly, its sometimes may seem overwhelming having to journal your daily thoughts goals, happening at any point of your life. This is just the first stage and many of us passed through this exact same thing.


Whether you think you lack skills, time, or patience for BuJo, don’t forget what you really need to practice bullet Journalings.


It really have nothing to do with your handwriting or educational technicalities. Even if you can’t put together a perfectly complete sentence, it will not make any difference so long as you are actively using the bullet journal daily.


What you will need to do bullet journal daily

You need some time.

Time is the common denominator we all have. Spend this wisely. Starting a bullet journal as part of your schedule will take few minutes of your time each day. Dedicate ten minute or fifteen minutes of your daily time to this activities.


You need a pen because there may be need to jot down ideas as you get them. Even when you  are connected to the internet. Keep a pen by the side though

A notebook

This is where all the thoughtful notes are written down. Comes very handy so keep a good notebook so as all bullet journal ideas can be readily noted


Below, the basic building blocks of BuJo are explained so you can take advantage of its powerful benefits today. We’ll also cover ways to set self-consciousness aside and sustain the habit.


How to do Bullet Journalings  

Step 1: think positive outcomes

Your thought life is very important. Remember that when you are learning how to do bullet journal. There is a lot of thinking that are involved in your everyday activity. Examples abound that you can take a cue from. Activate your thought process rapidly. Your life will move in the direction of your thoughts. Everything on your list of items in the notebook is very important. All I am saying is that your thought is the engine of it all. Do what you can to elevate your thought process and maintain a steady flow of thoughtful bullet journal ideas. Remember that all the changes and modifications you want to do will affect your life.

Beginner's Guide to Bullet Journaling | How to Start a Bullet Journal

Step 2: Get a blank bullet Journal notebook

If you decide to choose a blank page bullet journal, that’s no problem. The most important thing is that you need to begin with a notebook that you can afford.

In addition to this, add a pencil and an eraser to your collection. It’s not that you cannot use a pen. You can use a pen. We are just stating here that it should be easy to do bullet journals. So with these materials, you have simply arrange your schedule in an optimal way.

We have discussed the usefulness of the blank bullet journal notebook.



Step 3: begin with a table of content page

This will be reference point. You know, how to do bullet journal does not have to be something hard. It’s quite the opposite. Begin with a table of content. You want to write out all the content you plan to do there on this page. So here is what I suggest, pick 10 minutes of your time and ask yourself the content you will love to include in your bullet journal. After this question, begin taking note of the ideas that comes to you. You will have gotten some useful thought of bullet ideas for your journal.

Step 4: Create someday list

These list are the things your have itemized to be done at a certain date. They are very useful and really help you in your plan to set useful goals for the week or time frame you have set aside .


There are three types of bullet journal ideas list

The monthly list

These are the necessary things you have listed to do every day. Each month, have a goal, a plan , a task.

The weekly list

These are the things that you want to achieve forget done weekly. Plan these very well. Then we have also the daily plan. These are the day to day activity list that you have scheduled in your bullet journal ideas book.



how to bullet journal


Step 5: use bullets

Its true any symbol of choice can be used. Here we suggest you use bullet for the purpose of this. It’s a bullet journal and nay ideas that comes to mind should be itemized properly. The bullet will aid easy arrangement and remembering of important points .


Step 6: have a running list on the notebook


All the books you will like to read

There are many books that we love but do not have much time in our hands to begin looking at them. This list is a very good thing. The reason why is so that you will see all the books collection in a single place.

Films you love to watch

Yes the same collection of books we just discussed now films and movies will also have their place in your journal. Having these collection of movies may not seem useful for the now. You will see in time that you made a great decision.

Friends you love to meet again

you have already reconnected with them before and now you want to meet with them again. I know that you may feel that Facebook seem enough but it is not enough. Perhaps you have been sending tweets to them and receiving all their messages. Have a collection of these friends that are so important is a plus.

Things you’re grateful for

Gratitude. You can’t beat this. It’s a very useful collection to have in your list. What are the things you are very grateful for? Gratitude is important in life. You know what I mean. Even if things are currently rough with you. You can’t beat the fact that we are interconnected creatures of God. We have people that have been of great help in our lives. These gratitude needs to be expressed if we are truly going to liberate our soul. Feel these gratitude and express it.

Blog ideas

Not everyone I meet is a blogger. But if you are one like me, you will note some important blog topics around the niche of your blog.

The next important thing is to have time for your bullet journal ideas. Pick your notebook and see if you are on track or you have missed the track. Check your list and see the areas of improvement and what you can do daily to really advance your life.

You see, a bullet journal ideas notebook is like any other book. You are the engine of it. Without your thoughtful ideas, the book is meaningless. It not all about the handwriting, its not about the clarity. It’s not about the words inside it.

Its all about the action taken after each and every thought that was expressed.






This is a major point we shall score with our Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads is to set things in place.

bullet journal ideas weekly

Before you start doing the weekly spread, consider this. Right now . there are lots of log. Logs that are easy to do. We shall give you a sample list


Work Start/End Time




Time Tracker


Habit trackerSleep Log


Inspirational Quote


Gratitude logMeal Planning


Weekly Doodle



Basically, there so much more. Decide which one you want. The daily spread. The weekly spread and the monthly spread. These are all options you choose from. Depending on what you are currently on. Move between each spread several times in weeks. Keep at it.


Each day you need to use a quarter of the page, and make lots of space for notes, deadlines, tasks, reminders,  among other things.

Jot down important points in them and allow the beginning of the page to have dated calendar as this can really be helpful.

Make every thing look cool and perfect as you truly desire. When done properly, you will have a clear little notebook.




Use colors specifically. When doing the weekly spread. Boxes are important to help you out. I suggest you use certain colors and combine them too. This helps you check what has been achieved every few hours. The closing is at the end of the day. It should spread for twenty four hours.















Now it’s your turn to break out the schedules. Take your time to make daily task and weekly habit trackers. You will need them.

So break out and break them down to task that can be tracked easily.





Pick a theme for the week. You need lots of inspiration ideas. Start by considering all these ideas so that things will workout as expected for you.



bullet journal habit tracker


On the next page add meal trackers and habit planning checks to help you out.



Why bullet journal ideas notebook Works:  


So do you want to know why learning how to do a bullet journal and putting down your ideas work?

There are many reasons for this.


Its all about you.

It works because you are there to handle it.

There may be computers that will work after some useful programming but there is no journal notebook that will programme itself. It works because you’re there to power it.

Secondly, it works because the bullet journal ideas contain the most important element of getting anything done in this life.

The words and thought of you.

Words and thought are the building energy blocks of life. You put in your words and thought in this bullet journal and it springs to life.

You spend a few minute everyday with it so that you do not get bored and you get reminded of important things you want to do in your journal list.

All these accumulate a kind of feeling and energy within you and these transform your life over time.

Your daily bullet journal may also contain any of the following

Healthy bullet journal ideas
  • Daily Page with Decorative Headers.

Design the header as you wish. It doesn’t matter. What more important is the activity enriching your life. Helping you use your time in a most important manner. Color each header if you can to give it characteristic look. If you need more suggestion on these, you can check out samples on the internet. I’m talking about samples of bullet journal ideas notebook. You will notice the headers are differentiated in a unique way.

  • Weekly glance

Yes. This is good. Review every week and note the high points and low moments where you need to work on in the coming week. Every week will pose its own challenge and there will be personal and business things to do in your weekly list and collection. The purpose of this weekly glance collection is to ensure that you have met your weekly goals.

  • Healthy Habits.

Habits are very important to reaching our God given potentials. These are the small changes that adds up to our fulfilling our destiny. There are healthy habits and a

  • Weight Loss Chart.

Many people want to lose weight. The process of losing weight and having a chart about it is very important to one’s life. That extra pounds you want to lose is important and you want to have a chart. If these does not apply to you then skip this aspect as there are many things you can still do when bullet journalism. However if you changed your mind then having a weight loss chart will be of great help to your goals in this area.

  • Workouts Completed.

This is expected. Your daily fitness and workout goals must be itemized and when you reach them you should journal it intelligently. Do you workout in the morning or evening then put it in your bullet journal notebook.