How to stop breastfeeding : substitute foods and method that works

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How to stop breastfeeding : substitute foods and method that works

When can I stop breastfeeding my baby? When should I wean my baby? Are you a nursing mother or this is your first time and you have been pondering on this particular question. You are not alone.

There are many first time mums who want to wean their baby too.

The answer to this question is the reason why this article is written. There is no fixed rule on when to stop breast feeding your baby. if you desire to have your baby weaned , then we have endeavored to collate the views of experts in order to help us succeed


The decision to wean your baby have been made by you at his point.

Now start it gradually. You don’t want to stop giving breast milk all of a sudden. The baby will immediately notice this and it may result in protest. This is when the child you are trying to wean begins rejecting the substitute. So a gradual change will be tolerated and welcomed.

Expert say to start with a cup of feed at first.

Try a partial wean

What do we mean by this? A partial is a wean where you give your child a feed and alternate this with breast milk. Stopping a child breast milk is never an easy thing to do.

It can be done and done with all parties being satisfied

You need to watch the signs you are giving your baby. When you sit on the same cushion you use when breastfeeding, your baby will think that you are about giving him Breast milk. So you need to change the place or the person. You can have another person feed your child. In doing this, your baby will not get the cue that he’s still on breastfeeding milk.

Is the infant   REFUSING THE BREAST. Can I say he is ready to wean now?

It happens because some relevant factors may make your baby to refuse the breastfeeding by the mother. Factors such as teething, illness or even a diet change by the mother could lead to this. You need to find out the reason why your child refused the breast feeding milk. It may not necessary mean that she is ready to be weaned.

You can trying feeding him at odd times like when he is sleeping


If you are in a hurry, I will advise you take it easy. To be honest. You need to considered certain conditions that may warrant your stopping breastfeeding abruptly. In any case that you fell sick, you may be excused from breastfeeding the baby. This situation may be in the event of a critical illness that will need you to get adequate medical attention. Otherwise, you still have to take it gradually. Remember the goal is to keep yourself and your baby happy. To achieve this will require adequate and thoughtful planning on your part.

Babies who have serious medical condition should not be abruptly weaned


Appropriate substitute feedings depend on how old your baby is when you start to wean:

Under 12 months: if your baby is under a year, they will need to take baby foods that contains lots of iron. Especially foods that are rich in vitamin B. this help their cells to form blood which is essential at this tender age. There are a good number of sources where this iron contain foods for toddlers can be found.


Pulses, including beans, lentils, and peas.

These are rich in iron and has a high fiber content. You need to use this sources and add them to the daily intake feed for your baby. Before using any of these vegetable foods. Ensure that your baby has began to undergo the process of being weaned.

Again do not forget that some toddlers love baked beans and this might well become established with his daily needs.

Oily fish.

Oily fish is a wonderful baby food that might be a perfect substitute. When you are trying to solve how to stop breastfeeding your baby , explore more substitute like the aforementioned ones above so that you will see wtaht works best as toddlers could be sometimes selective.

Fortified cereals.

Cereals which are fortified with iron will make a good substitute anytime so never neglect this. Iron is our major ingredient and nutrient so a brief look at ingredient in any formula you want to try is very important.


Are you seeking for a lovely way to wake your baby up and get hisneeded breakfast ready then you can try the oat meal. Perfect if you ask me.


You can begin with hard boiled eggs and eggs can serve as a weaning feed substitute if your baby has grown or over 12 months old

Meat and poultry.

Yes this is true! Very needed and this too could serve as a food substitute and source of iron.

Dried fruits.

Dried apricots, figs, raisins and prunes can be healthy finger food for your baby. You can introduce them between nine and twelve months. However, being hard, they could pose a choking hazard, so make sure to chop them into bite-sized pieces and always be around your baby while he’s eating.


Nuts are very good source of iron and do not forget to grind them and add them to cereal or any other powdered baby food. There are different kinds of nut but mostly the general nuts when grounded will be fine.

Sweet potato.

 Very nice and a good iron source are sweet potatoes . You may try these  at a later stage in baby’s life.


Introduce solid foods and water gradually as baby begin to grow so he will naturally begin to adjust to his daily needs.


Breastfeeding benefits

There are so many health and life benefits of breastfeeding your baby . These include but not limited to raising and boosting immune cells so that your baby avoids lots of pitfalls of sicknesses and diseases. Another reason is for the optimal development and growth of your child since vital nutrients are given in this stage of life. So when its time to stop breastfeeding and get your baby weaned, it’s not a hard process after all but it must be learned and critical requirement met daily. You need a good end result.

Stopping breastfeeding as a working mum

Do you have a lot of engagement in your place of work as a mother? Do you really want to find out how you can also wean your toddler without affecting his daily nutrient intake or health life?

I can understand your plight. If it were possible, you will not be at the place of work but who knows , bills must be paid.

So how can a working mum do this

The same way as others.

There are a few things you need to understand though.

Go through the list of substitute foods for stopping breastfeeding and choose the best for your child.

Then you need to ensure that there is another person who is also going to help you do this job.

Take your time to wean your baby

You can wean from a cup to a bottle. It really does not matter. What is important is that this process should be made gradually. So before you proceed to work, ensure he is satisfied and let the nurse or person in charge do the needful when you are not around. As the weaning progresses, there is an increase supply of body defense substances through weaning food.

Cuddle your baby so many times during the process of stopping to breastfeed him. He will need lots of these.

When you slowly reduces the number of breastfeeds your child receives, you are protecting your toddler from a sickness known as mastitis. 

When to introduce solid foods

Solid foods can be introduce around the first six months of life. Medically, research conclusions and papers have suggested that babies should be given exclusive breast feeding within the first six months of life. Except in situations that can’t be controlled like illness or where parents are dead. Then the baby formula now becomes a substitute

Signs that your baby needs to be weaned

  • Babies begin making some gestures they are ready to begin solids when they:
  • Have a characteristic look when others are eating
  • Start making  ‘feed me too’ signs when other persons are eating
  • Stop pouring foods away  (begin to feed on any food you give them)

Begin to keep their head straight and upright.


The child who refuses to be weaned

It happens sometimes as the child or baby just love the breast milk. I have seen such a situation. What is the best thing to do? Follow the child gradually. Don’t attempt to force or cease breastfeeding automatically.

If you toddler refuses to be weaned, then do a partial weaning. You breastfeed him at certain times and you give him choice foods to eat at others. You need to employ wisdom. There is nothing to worry about here

Points to note

There are three parties involved in weaning a baby or stopping breastfeeding: the baby, the mother and the age. Taking these into considerations, I advise you go slowly. Let him begin to appreciate other foods with time. Some children tend to be selective. This is how you will get him