12 Ways to Get rid of Mosquitoes Without Stress-Overnight method that works

mosquito bites overnight

how to get rid of mosquitoes : here is the Fastest ways to quickly achieve a scar and bump  free face, leg and body overnight.

Do you really want to know how you can get rid of mosquitoes around your home and environment? Have you had little or no success treating malaria every time? Do you live in a yard where I seems like you are the only one serious about keeping the environment clean?

You are not alone as many have experience the same situation.

How to get rid of mosquitoes without stress overnight method works

I have experienced this before. I had been living in a very endemic environment that was close to a stream and having quite a lot of mosquitoes around can cause quite a scare especially when you suffer serious bouts of malaria repeatedly. So this article promises to cover practical methods of treating and stopping mosquito bites.

You know what I mean,

Those horrible noises you hear especially at night when you are trying to get some sleep. Hopefully, I hope you get some good tips here.

Mosquito bites are real and you need to do all you can to protect yourself and your family from mosquito bites.

There are different areas of our bodies that could be affected by mosquito bites and this article on
How to get rid of mosquitoes without stress overnight method works is just what you need

They are

Then here’s
how to get rid of mosquitoes from legs

Your legs are a primary contact area especially if you don’t like wearing trousers. Remember that mosquitoes that causes malaria are the female anopheles and they are prone to biting and sucking blood vessels especially at night.

The solution

Wear protective clothing like socks and trousers.

In this way, your legs are protected from the bites and you can avoid these reddish marks caused by mosquitoes .

how to get rid of mosquitoes on your face

Your face is exposed most times of the day. This area is a easily targeted place for mosquito bites. You really need to get serious about it. So what are the steps to keep your face free from mosquito bites bumps or bruises


Wear a mask (joking)

You need to be active here. Use your hands and ward them off your face. This is a guaranteed way to keep your face free from their bites.

•• now let us discuss some things you can do at home and in the community.

•• let me call it that there are basically two methods

Reduction of mosquito population

What do I mean by these? Insect pest especially blood suckers like mosquitos thrives with population. This is the reason why you need a drastic reduction of their numbers. Especially where elimination is not feasible. There are many ways this can be done and I will take time to explain them to you.

Stick with me ok?


elimination of larvae and young adult mosquitoes. This is slightly different from reducing the number. Here you use sprays another potent insecticides that will kill mosquito larva and eliminate them completely.

oh are you thinking if this can be achieved ? of course.

Now here are our proven steps on
how to get rid of mosquito bites overnight.

•• grab your long-sleeved shirts and long pants. Yes you heard me right. Im not kidding. From similar experience this type of clothing will help you concentrate on whatever you have in mind. If you are in a room and you are reading the dailies then all of a sudden, you begin to notice the characteristic sound made by mosquitoes. Its really a pain in the ass. Now imagine if you are putting on a short sleeve dress?

You can guess the rest. This tip is a no brainer.

•• Stay in places that have air conditioning and window and door screens to

keep mosquitoes outside

I know that every apartment are not built in the same way. There are lots of architectural designs. Anyway, you need to make a little adjustment. Check your doors and windows to see if they are well protected from this parasites.

A little hole is all they need to become a guest in your house. You want to ensure you are protecting yourself from mosquito bites and get rid of them from inside out. If you have a solid or hard door or windows, there’s little or nothing you can do especially if you are not the owner of the house. But you can do this;

Lock the doors each and every time you go inside or move out. Ensure it is well shut.

•• Use a mosquito Insecticide Treated Net. ITN

Mosquito nets are very important. I got my first net from officials of the world health organization medical outreach in my area. Later I discovered that they also sell them at various outlets and shops. Find out what will work for you. It’s relatively cheap and you can order for them online. Probably at ____


When you get this insecticidal treated nets you need to set it up

Here are the basic steps to set up the mosquito net

  1. Check the label that you will find in it. It must have some directions
  2. Remove the net from the coat
  3. Open it up and you will notice it is very wide and have some sides and loop you can tie a rope/ line to it
  4. Tie the rope or line to four sides assuming you opened it as a rectangle
  5. Pick some wall nails and hit them into walls and soft areas of by our room
  6. Ensure the net spreads and covers your bed. Tis is very important
  7. When you are done, check everything properly

The importance of
how to get rid of mosquitoes using insecticide-treated nets

When are using the insecticide treated net , it will help prevent this bites and this is an acceptable method and widely recognized around the globe. Malaria bites usually occur at night due the bite of the female anopheles mosquitoes.

ITNs – and in particular long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs), is a very cheap way of getting rid of mosquitoes and it also helps the greater population of mother and child who are at risk of this disease.

here is three ways the nets help:

►►it is a barrier that divides and separates the people inside the net from the mosquito bites caused by anopheles at night;

►►The chemical in ITNs kills the mosquitoes since the nets have been treated with special chemicals

►►Through the ‘community effect’, which occurs when the majority of people in a

community sleep under an ITN, resulting in an overall reduction of the mosquito

population and its lifespan, thereby reducing the transmission of malaria.

As a result, over one billion nets have been distributed to Africa alone since 2000. Of the

US$1.6 billion invested in malaria commodities in 2014, 63 percent was spent on ITNs –

roughly US$1 billion2.

1 World Health Organization (2015). World Malaria Report 2015. Geneva, WHO.

2 World Health Organization (2015). World Malaria Report 2015. Geneva, WHO.

•• Use of registered insect repellents

with one of the following active ingredients:


•• Picaridin

•• IR3535

•• Oil of lemon

eucalyptus or


•• 2-undecanone\

Forgive my scientific grammar. Just check the can or label of any insect repellant to ensure you are buying something that will work . I have bought a couple that did not work so do not be surprised though

When you do this you will not only be protecting your live but those of any pregnant or breast feeding mother around you.

Effective mosquito control relies on many methods

Elimination method

•• Reducing  standing water where mosquitoes lay eggs and hatch their larva.

The larva of mosquitoes only need a drop of water to hatch and breed. Yes studies have confirmed this. Do not allow water to stay close to your house .reduce them and remove them totally where you can.

This is how elimination begins. No more bites at night and your overnight sleep will be fine and sweet.

•• Spraying adulticides (products used to kill adult mosquitoes). As you have learned that the larva should be eliminated. Same goes for the adult . You are focusing on both the adult generation and the young. This is a double kill if you ask me.

•• listen to health workers and act on prevailing information

Sometimes , experts advises us but how many of us listens to them. It may seem too easy to say yes in their presence but do we really follow up? The information this public health workers give you are golden and can be your secret formula.

There is no one size fits all. So give a listening ear please

•• teach others how to control mosquito bites

Why do you have to teach them?

Very easy.

If your neighbor have a pond or a swimming pool beside your building and these insects decides to breed there, it will have an indirect impact on you. Teach them and suggest where you can.

Stock permanent water pools, such as ornamental ponds,

with mosquito larvae eating fish.


 Fix dripping outside water faucets.try to get involved and I know its not going to be easy but a little effort on your part will be greatly appreciated.

 Enhance the drainage of flood canals, irrigation ditches

and fields;