9 Easy Ways to Get Rid of a Double Chin and Become Beautiful Again

double chin

Do you want to know how to lessen and clear any signs of double chin you may have experienced or you really want to help a relative or friend get rid of double chin? Then you are in the right place.

We have taken quite a great effort to make all necessary research on your behalf and will love to engage you as you read carefully.

If there will be any questions about the tips and techniques listed here then you can do so.double chin

This article shows the removal, elimination and causes of double chin

But wait, let’s begin by letting you know that there are a number of things that could lead to the situation of having a double chin


You need to look beautiful and elegant all the time.

Just as your appearance is the first thing that people will see about you before meeting the real you. The way you dress is the way you will be addressed may not be appropriate at this time


Whatever you decide to do about the looks and appearance of you, its better to go the natural way. Its always best to seek natural homemade methods so that you do not get stocked.


The same way we have exercises that can be used to reduce weight, there are also exercise that can be used to reduce and get rid of double chin. So in this article we shall ensure that we deal with them taking an holistic approach.

6 Effective Ways to Get Rid of a Double Chin

There is an easy list you are going to find in this piece and if you are willing you will be able to do most of them at the comfort of your home. So I agree that they can be a little hardy but not so much that you will find them difficult. So put your heart to it and you will well be on your way to having a double chin gone for good.


So becoming more elegant and beautiful sometimes comes at a price. Lets begin in this way

What does it mean when you have a double chin?


Double chin is a situation caused by an extra layer of fat around the chin that can distort the beauty of a person. Many people realize it lately. There seem to be an increase of people having this problem.




Can you get rid of a double chin? Or can double chins go away?


Yes. It’s possible to get rid of double chin. We shall consider various solutions and treatments. Some of these are natural exercises and nutritional diets. Others are medical related solution. There is no quick fix anywhere.

Stick with a plan that works for you.




Do double chin exercises work?


So you have heard this before. Do some exercises around the neck and see if it will work. There is no other way around it.

Double chin exercises works if you try. Keep at it. It’s like learning to drive a bike. You need to learn it daily. You won’t become perfect at first. It’s ok if you fall a few times.


Double chin Causes

Double chin caused by thyroid

The human body is a very complex system that produces certain type of hormone to keep a healthy balance lifestyle. When there is an under secretion (a situation where there is less of a particular hormone), it hurts us . When there is over-secretion of the thyroid hormone, it can have certain unpleasant consequences. The thyroid gland which is responsible for the secretion of the thyroid hormone


A double chin may arise from any or all of the following; age, diet, and genetics.

This extra layer of fat that develops beneath the chin tends to disfigure a face and makes the carrier looks older than normal.


We shall discuss some of these factors since they are important to this topic. let’s begin


  1. Age


As the skin ages, here is a slow but gradual loss of skin elasticity. As a result of this double chin set in. this becomes obvious as aging progresses in humans.

So you have seen the mama’s chin when they are becoming old. Haven’t you?

  1. Diet and weight


When one feeds on high calorie diet which causes a storage of fat in the system, there will be weight gain. This weight gain may lead to obesity or double chin. This is not always the case. It’s one of the causes as we have found out from our research.


  1. Genetics


Genetically induced characteristics are certain traits that we have gotten form out family line. We are all a genetic offspring of a family. If there is a family history of double chin, it may occur at some point in your life.


  1. Posture


You are too relaxed. Your muscles are weakened. They do no work. Seems like they are virtually on holiday. The result of this is obvious. They become slack with time. From this, it may contribute to the cause of double chin.


How to get rid of a double chin in a week- step by step





the slapping method is not meant to hurt you but only to strengthen the chin muscles . Slap the lower chin and do it very fast. Keep repeating this. It must not be too hard or too soft.





Laying Lifts




In order to do this feat , you need to lie down on the bed , after this then you will raise your head towards the chest while keeping the rest of the body flat on the bed. Repeat this process and you should notice the effect this has on the chin.

Do this several times a day. Try moving your jaw towards your chest while you are lying down.


How to get rid of a double chin in a week or 5 days


Turn your head and face the roof of your room, make your lip to be kissing the roof ceiling and


Exercises that help remove double chin and treatment that works


While facing forward, you have to open your mouth very wide.

Bring the tongue and make five count. Then return and repeat the same process over and over again.




Tilt your head backwards and stretch forth your chin then hold it firmly and count 10 counts. After the count, you can return to normal position. Ensure that you repeat the process again and severally. This is it.


And now we move on to the next method-Neck Roll


While you are standing, move your chin front and towards your chest, then you rotate your head to the right, count up to five counts and then return to the normal position.

Repeat the process again and again.


Next you need to perform the inhale and exhale part. In order to do this, you need to keep your tongue at the back side of the lower teeth jaw, then you perform constant inhaling and exhaling of air.







Some healthy eating guidelines are:


Eat four servings of vegetables daily.

Eat three servings of fruits daily.

Replace refined grains with whole grains.

Avoid processed foods.

Eat lean protein, such as poultry and fish.

Eat healthy fats, such as olive oil, avocados, and nuts.

before and after


reduce double chin by yoga


Treatments for a double chin

Medically , double chin can arise from genetically inherited characteristics. In this situation, weight loss and exercises may have little impact. You need medical advice on its treatment.

Engaging in Lipolysis

Widely known as Liposculpture, this involves a liposuction or heat to remove the fat under the skin layer. Anesthetic is all we need here. This process may help you lose fat but it does not remove the excess skin. It possesses some side effects like

  • swelling
  • bruises and
  • pain

Mesotherapy method for double chin

Mesotherapy is way of injecting one with fat removing substances. This was first approved by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration .it made a decision on the use of Deoxycholic acid  to enhance and assist your body absorb fats.

You need to make yourself available. It’s not a onetime thing. When you opt to be given the mesotherapy treatment for double chin, it a numbers thing. At least six treatments are required and a space of 30 days between each injection.

You need a good doctor that has gotten several years of experience to handle this for you. The reason is that if wrongly administered, it can lead to serious problems.

These are the common side effects of the mesotherapy method of treating double chin

  • swelling
  • bruising
  • pain
  • numbness
  • redness







Further Treatments for successful double chin

Here are more suggestions that you should consider. Everyone may not do a mesotherapy method. Focus on a treatment that you can afford. Here is a good list


Use skin holding Face masks

Put on a glycerin facemask can be helpful sometimes. This little perks you see will contribute to the overall health of your chin. Do not ignore.



Go on a workable Diet


Drink lots of water and go on a special diet that helps take care of the daily calorie intake. This works when you have gained your double chin from diet you were feeding on.