How to crochet tips, tricks and resources

 How to crochet tips, tricks and resources

Are you seeking for how you can improve your crocheting skills? Learn how you can start crotchet and become established in this very important skill. we shall consider videos of how to crochet baby blanket. how to crochet a hat. how to crochet a granny square and how to crochet a beanie.

In this article we have strives to put some good tips that we have obtained from a detailed research and from other crocheter in the industry get organized and keep things in order. You will become more productive in this way.



We have chosen to decide what we have into smaller paragraphs of texts ad into sections that will really be of great to crochet stitches blanket and baby

So you love crocheting then lets drive-in


How to Crochet Tips and Tricks that works in twenty four hours

  1. The first step is to keep balls of yarn from falling out and rolling, put them in a clean container so that you will bring them out easily.

The idea is that when they are being brought out from different containers, it will become more stressful and things could get a little messy quite quickly. If you have done this, then move` on to the next tip


  1. Avoid cheap scratchy yarn if you can but if you have already bought them, you need to find ways to soften them. Yarns could come in varying texture and quality, be sure to order for quality yarns directly from manufacturers. This way leads to great success in crocheting. Here’s a method for softening cheap, scratchy yarn.


Tip number three – . Keep your self-motivated always. There are many times when we have so many task to accomplish. This can sometime makes you bored. You need to have fun projects that you can do also. For example , you have woken up and find out you cannot continue with yesterday’s project due to fatigue, no time to waste , have little alternative that is easy and fun. Perhaps while doing this, you will regenerate creative sparks in your brain and find your rhythm again. This is what you need at this point.


Tip number four– carry over unused colors and continue crocheting, later you will return to them. What we are saying here is that you should seek for colors that you intend to use but have not started. When you notice this, you can continue with others crocheting over them while returning to them later on. When you are now ready to use them, you return them to the area   where they belong.



Tip number five – mark rows using a plastic protector and these rows will guide everything that you are doing. Marking them makes it easier for you to access the area later and keep crocheting things in simple format.


Alternatively, use a good printer to mark rows a s much as possible. You first need to make a copy with the printer then lay aside and mark patterns you intend to use. Easy isn’t it? of course.


Tip number six – Use for easy conversion. There are times you need To convert grams into ounces or vice versa. You only need to type in what you want like convert 10 grams to ounces and voila, the answer is given you instantly.

Tip number seven – do you know that your scraps are still important despite the urge to throw them away as soon as they are termed unfit? Before you decide to throw them away, we have researched and find out that they could be used to   to make granny squares when you are through with whatever project you have at hand. So let’s take note. Scraps are still very useful in this way.


Alternatively you may decide to make bracelets that are used by fashionable women and kids . the process is pretty simple and this could be a different tutorial .


Lets now add the obvious. You can stuff just about any pillow with them. Wow! So you now see why we have included this tip here. Stuffing pillows helps give any slacked or fallen pillow a robust shape. This is what you want. Let’s just say you have just converted waste to a good resource.


Tip number eight – do not use colors that you do not plan to finish with. When crocheting a number of colors comes to mind and we are sometimes tempted to use as many colors as possible. It’s advisable to use colors like white and later on apply a dye. Than to begin with a color and abandon it before we are through with the work.


Tip number nine – its advisable to use a yarn needle which you can easily purchase at the local store or order some of these online. it easier and faster than using a hook. Although many just go for the hook when there’s no other alternative. The yarn needle is the best so far. You need perfection and high level of accuracy with exact precision, neatness and concise work.




Tip number ten – handling hooks

In order to have a good grasp on any hook you are using, use fimo clay and mold them to around the hook. This helps a lot and makes your work easier since you will be handling the hook for long periods of time.

Tip number 11 – Prevent big holes at the middle

Use a hair curler to close every unnecessary gaps in the middle and have a good looking yarn and circle hole. This foam hair curler will help you manage this areas properly so you can finish your work in a neat way.





 Tip number eleven – – hiding stitches

Use the end of a stitch and make an easy crochet into other stitches severally . This action will hide that particular stitch so it won’t get noticed easily. When done properly, you will notice that your project will always appear fine and well patterned.

how to crochet a beanie


Tip number twelve – Having problems with the yarn?

What can you do if you are trying to make the yarn go through the needle? There is a way around this.  , dip the end of the yarn in a nail polish and just before it dries, twist it tightly so that you get a good grip.


  Tip number thirteen – spray water and starch instead and leave to dry instead of ironing. We are easily used to taking the easiest way around things. Why not try this tip at home on your next project.

How to make a granny square


Are you seeking to learn how to make crochet braids? The granny square is one of the numerous braids that can be made easily at home. If you have got some spare time and really want to be able to finish the granny square then it’s good to begin early and learn the step by step process.


how to make granny square-You can actually do it yourself at home and anywhere


Crochet braids



What is your preferred braid pattern? So you love it when it falls by he side covering your face or otherwise?

There are many braid brands in the market but if you are going to make one for yourself just as we shall be doing . You will have to consider a unique twist to the who thing.


There is no requirement on the materials to be used. This means that using a hook is not necessary. You ca crotchet without one.


Check around your home and who knows, you may have a pin or hair breeder that might serve as a good alternative to crotchet hook. However using a crotchet hook can be done easily and you can buy them at different places. They are also inexpensive.


If you decide to use a bobby pin for hair braids, you need to see what we have written here on how to this easily.




How to use a hair bead pin for crotchet works


If you are going to use a hair beader, you need to consider this. Try spacing out the piece into different sections. This is usually how we work. Every section has a pattern. And it’s this pattern that brings out the final product if done correctly and with accuracy and talent.


When spacing out , you need to allow enough room for your braids to be full.


Separate hair before you install when you are finished with crocheting.


Detach your hair if the curly version is your end desire.


Make sure you have the right type of roller


You may have a hard time using sponge roller so I suggest something simpler and easy that will allow you get it right the first time. The reason why you go for perm rods or a smaller sized plastic roller. You can easily achieve that spiral effect


So in this article lets us consider how you can make a perfect granny square crotchet

Step 1: lets begin with joining slipknots


Prepare a slipknot with the  yarn and put the hook into it


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Ensure that you Chain 4 different stitches in the same area.


Put your pin into the initial stitch (nearest to the slipknot).


Yarn over and over and do not forget the hole in the center because this is where all the stitching for the first part must be done. Hope you are following.

Next we start to chain three different stitches.


And you start to double the crotchet in the ring repeatedly. This is your first granny square shell.


Please remember that the set of three will replace the double stitches.


When you start , the initial round will have four shells and you need to make double stitches at each shell in order to continue.


Near the ring you need to make three double crochets so that you can get to the next shell. See what I mean in the picture below.


Make a double chin and do three crochets to make the third shell. Just as we have already done but now we are stepping up. This is very crucial for us to reach our goal of a perfect granny square crocheting braids.


Chain two and you would have made the fourth shell for the first pahse of our work


Now you have four different shells and they are now ready to be joined together.


Insert your hook now into the second stitch that was made in the first shell ans yarn over and over by pulling through. When you have done this we are gradually getting to the end of the first round.

Learn how to crochet a scarf with this simple tutorial! Our easy crochet scarf uses worsted weight yarn and is perfect for beginners!


Basic Beginner Crochet Scarf

So we have gradually come to the end of the first round of crocheting. All other sections will be made the same way except that you may now add more shells and more stitches at any time in the square.


Let move on to the next round

Again Step 2: And Round Two


Since we have finished the first step of the first round, we shall begin round two by changing three stitches and then taking thing sup from there.


Do a double crotchet into the main round near the base area and do three double stitches. This is ti kick start the second round.


At the corner there is need to knot a chain stitch thee and in the edge also, we need to tie a knot of yarn at that point too.


Its really getting interesting.






You now move on to make another shell.


Keep up making things in this way with this pattern until this round is complete.


Next you join them together, the first round and the last round. I hope you’re catching up. You can go as many round as you want it’s all up to you. Doing the shells and stitches that tie them up with different rounds can be a steadily and progressive movement but its achievable.



Step 3: rounding up




Wow what a lesson, you have just learnt how to  crochets granny square in a matter of minutes. So while others are taking days to finish up, you can be through in less time if you follow the instructions stated ritually.

next we shall also show you

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