Uses of Coconut Oil:Nutrition plus Health Benefits

uses of coconut


amazing Coconut Oil Health Benefits and Uses

There are many health benefits and uses of coconut oil in the environment and in the home.

This article will highlight many important points.

The necessary for successful usage and gains of this important fruit.

The oils of coconut tree has many uses.

Let not forget that the fruit is eating in so many places of the world.

And different people use it for different purpose .for example in weight loss and pregnancy.

Now let drive in and see what this wonderful product can do.


From my research,

It was gathered discovered that studies emphasized the usefulness of coconut oil in absorption of minerals like magnesium and calcium.

When you eat this fruit, it rejuvenates your teeth and your internal organs.

It is able to process this fruit since it’s never stored as fat in your stomach.

 Medically there are research studies that have proven the health benefits of coconut oil.

If you are having trouble fallen asleep, coconut can aid you in this way. A few bites before rest relaxes your nerves.


Again, when you have severe pain or Alzheimer’s disease.

This fruit can be a life saver and it contains some pain relaxing elements that makes it unique.

Another thing that is worthy of note is that it can help you reduce insulin levels and increase hormonal levels.

So there is quite a number of medical facts and research about the coconut oil and its uses.

coconut oil=Essential Uses of Coconut Oil plus Health Benefits

Coconut Oil Beauty Uses

Your skin deserve a special treatment oil and here we use coconut for its treatment.

Its not in the kitchen alone but our bodies need the utmost care you can give it.

Make your bodies look radiant and elegant.

Have you noticed?

Its beauty effects and value are already being used

When you need a deodorant then there are some types in the market that already have coconut as a major ingredient. Have you ever considered the eye makeup? It’s  also may contain coconut even our hair cream is never left out.

In coconut  lotion recipes

You can rub a small amount on your lips and see amazing results because it can be used as a lip balm. Due to the nature of the essential oil, it is used as a lotion for all your body.

In homemade slow cooker soap

Coconut Oil For Hair

You can apply coconut oil for your hair in three ways. Firstly as a shampoo whose work is to wash and clean the hair effectively?  The shampoo will remove all dirt in your hair.

Washing is done in a saloon or at home if you know how. This is one of the beauty benefits of the coconut oil.

Then again as a conditioner.

Just like it says, the conditioner keeps the air in a particular textured way.


The shampoo and the conditioner seems to go hand in hand.

 And as a hair cream which gives your hair a radiant look.  So how this does helps us?

This is very common as coconut hair cream is very common in most beauty shops across the globe. There are a lot of derivatives from the coconut in the beauty niche. When you apply these derivatives to hair they will:

You will notice.

coconut oil for hair gives your hair a pleasant looking and silky shine.

Secondly, there is little or no hair loss.

6 Things That Happen When You Eat A Spoonful Of Coconut Oil Everyday


A lot of women are complaining of hair loss especially at an early stage.

Loss of hair can be cause by a number of factors and the chief is shortage of hair nutrients in the hair.

Now instead dealing with hair and scalp loss.

you can feed your hair with hair creams that has coconut oil as an ingredient . This will prevent loss of hair .

As you know that the hair is the beauty of the woman.

So give your hair that characteristic shine it deserves.

Thirdly, there is an increase in the protein nutrient content of the hair. Wow! This is good news.

We all know the power of protein the food we eat.

And as you may have heard, our nails and our hair all grow at the same rate. Although the hair tend to grow faster.

So using coconut cream will boost lots of protein input and in turn leads to hair growth.

Coconut Oil Uses Around the Home

Natural Remedies for Coconut Oil

Coconut oil – oil pulling chews with essential oils In coconut oil pulling chews and oil pulling for oral health

Coconut oil For skin

Prevents wrinkles

Wrinkles is not something we want in any part of our skin. Our skin is very important to us. Its a natural coat we will always wear to anyplace we choose to go.

There is great beauty in having a supple skin.coconut oil skin

Wrinkles are the opposite of the beauty your skin deserve.

Using a coconut body cream will aid in removing and it’s more of a preventive approach.

I’m not saying that you should stop other creams in your beauty shelve, all I’m saying is that you want to apply a little coconut body cream frequently. Perhaps twice or thrice a week should keep your skin wrinkle free.


Sagging is not allowed and can be common among women with serious skin problem. Can we prevent or treat sagging of the skin. Yes we should.


This is a common symptom as the skin may periodically get dry. In addition to this there are different types of skin. The dryness we are talking about is an advanced form of dryness. Rub some coconut oil on your skin to combat dryness always.


The skin flakes when the dryness becomes extreme and prolonged. Flaking is a serious abnormal condition by which the skin begins to change due to heat and other chemicals presence or absence.

For body

The body is a wonderful covering and oil has a crucial role to play of which coconut oil can aid the body in various ways. In order to make this easy, let us mention some parts of the body and how this useful food help it function

The head

On your head, when you rub a handful of coconut oil, studies have shown that it eliminate mental fatigue. You have had a hard day’s work and you are back home. You head straight into the bathroom to have a shower. After this, you proceed to massage and have a smooth rub of coconut oil on your head, this will sooth you and make you feel relaxed hereby removing mental fatigue

 The heart

When you eat the coconut fruit, it possesses some substance and chemicals that reduces cholesterol levels. What is cholesterol?

This is accumulated fat in the neural vessel that makes them become narrow with time and increases the blood pressure around them. We know that high blood pressure is not something anyone desire.

The coconut oil helps your heart reduce cholesterol and blood pressure as more blood will be able to flow to the heart.

How to Make Coconut Oil in Your Home video

How to Make Coconut Oil in Your Home


Coconut oil For cooking

Cooking our delicious foods we will definitely need oils as more and more frying of ingredients are done.

This is here you need a cooking oil. There are many kinds of cooking oils in the market and coconut oil is among them.

Get some coconut oil from any grocery store .


Use it when you want to fry meat , fish or prepare any snack that you do with the cooking oil. That scent of coconut is very sweet.

There are also local and continental dishes that coconut oil.

When you eat the coconut oil, it helps your diet especially for digestion purposes.

The food will be easily digested reducing any chance for constipation. Nutrient absorption is highly aided .

Coconut oil For face

Your face is very important and the coconut oil as an essential oil for face. Your face need oil for moisture and smoothness. The beneficial importance of coconut oil for the face is what makes this oil to be used in the beauty industry

Side effects

Are there side effects of using the coconut oil?

Does Coconut Oil Have Any Side Effects?

Yes. It does. Let me attempt to explain these below

Coconut oil is of two type. The processed one called virgin oil and the commercial one which is widely available and accessible.

Side Effects Of Coconut Oil

There are a couple of side effects of ingesting coconut oil and some of these have been highlighted in research papers.

1. May Elevate Cholesterol Levels

This oil has a positive effect on cholesterol but when you begin to use much of it. It then adds to the increase in total cholesterol level.

It has a higher saturated fat level which makes oils like soy oil and sunflower oil better than it.

2. May Cause Allergies

Some people might be allergic to it as it has been observed in some children.

Here’s what you might need to avoid if you are allergic to coconut oil (or any form of coconut) – chocolates, cakes, and the popcorn that they sell at movie theaters.

3. Diarrhea

Consistent stool being passed and visiting the latrine may not be a positive thing.  Coconut oil that is commercially available in the market just like other oil may cause diarrhea in some people.  

Acne breakout

There may be a breakout of acne since oils tend to provoke the emergence of fresh acne on the face. Great deal of care must then be taken


Flatulence’ is another negative factor that can happen to persons taking the coconut oil. You have to watch it.



Here are the  proof based health benefits of coconut oil.


  1. Coconut Oil Contains Fatty Acids With effect to reduce heart attack

Contains high fatty aids that will help you reduce heart attack and extend life. There is nothing like having and living healthy.

It is a function of the medium chained triglycerols in the acid.

Again it’s a quick source of energy for the body.

This is quite true.

The body need increasing amount of energy at all times.

If the body needs them, it must find a way to get them. When there is no food, then fatty acids are a quick source and rush of energy.


 They are usually found when they have been processed in the liver.


Since the coconut oil contains these fats , they are easily processed and energy is released for use.

A constant food source for healthy individuals

People all over the world who the coconut look healthy. This useful vegetable food is a classical example that one can stay healthy when consuming it.

We can also find out the

Tokelauans, who eat over 60% of their calories from coconuts? And studies revealed that they are very healthy with little or no heart disease.


  1. Coconut Oil Can help crush and reduce obesity

This is a every common problem in the world today. Many people believe that obese people eat much calories.


So from our research, we discovered that taking coconut helps you burn more fat. This is very good. Do you want to burn fat and overcome obesity?


Then take fruits or vegetables containing medium triglycerides such as the coconut oil.


It has been known to help in burn more calories within a twenty four hour period.

  1. Coconut Oil has an essential ingredient that kills organism

Take a look.

There is a  12-carbon lauric acid which is about half of the carbon acids in the coconut.


When you eat it, its get digested. After this, it forms a monolaurin that kills fungi and bacteria.

Studies and research has been made in this area. For example, it has been known to kill Staphylococcus aureus (a very harmful micro-organism) and the yeast candida).


So all we have discussed so far, there is a preventive force of the coconut oil acid.


  1. Coconut Oil Can cause an appetite reduction

Yes hunger reduction is one of the benefit. Have you woken up in the morning? You need to eat food and all that’s there right now is the coconut fruit. Then you took some of it.

It takes the hunger away. At least until you lay hold of something more sumptuous.

This is due to the breaking down of it constituents.


In one study conducted, coconut food was given to various men. About six of them. And their eating pattern was noted. The number of calories consumed was taken down. At the end of the day, it was gathered that the men ate less food at lunch and less at dinner.

While this may not have been in depth as expected, it validates our proof.




The fatty acids in coconut oil can significantly reduce appetite, and the body weight will definitely be affected over time.


  1. Coconut Oil contains natural saturated fat

It contains natural saturated fat that affect the heart of the eaters. High blood pressure and high pretension is a worrisome disease and condition. A high level cholesterol in the body is never good for your heart.

There is always the need to have control. When the control mechanism isa  natural saturated fat like coconut oil, then it’s a nice thing.

We are all aware of the potential health dangers caused by heart disease.

Studies have shown that coconut oil reduce the negative cholesterol that are harmful to the body and increase the good ones.


  1. Coconut Oil improves moisture of the skin

This secret and beautiful uses of coconut have been already discussed here. Suffix me to add that the skin of the human needs continuous oiling. Coconut oil have been used for beauty purposes.

Helps keeps and improves moisture to the skin.

We have so many creams and hair products that have constantly included coconut oil as an essential ingredient.


It has also been used to prevent hair damage. So it can be a moisturizer for the hair and skin.

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