best rated breastfeeding bottle for the baby you love

This article will cover reviews of top rated and anti-colic best breast feeding bottles for baby or toddler use. Mothers will love these

Do you really need a breast feeding bottle that works pretty well for your newborn baby or toddler? Feeding your toddler breast milk is a must but there comes a time you need to transition him/her to bottle feeding. The reviews these bottles have gotten make them to stand out from the others. It best to get hold of the best feeding bottles and that’s what this article is all about

Do you a good breastfeeding bottle for toddler at night? Are you thinking of freezing bottles or warmer ones? For newborns and toddler?

What kind of breastfeeding bottle will be just fine and ok? There are various shapes and sizes like the 5 oz. or the 8 oz.

They need to be a BPA free breast milk bottle and enable the toddler to latch on to them. Now we have carried out lots of research and come up with the best list based on a number of factors

Can be put in the microwave

Made of silicon

Wideness of the base


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This is best for Combo Feeding: the Philips Avent SCF010/47 Natural 4 Ounce Bottle

You need a set as perhaps baby may be starting on a formula. The Phillips Avent Natural bottles are a popular choice for parents. They are love by breastfeeding mothers or nursing mothers who have used these are happy with them because they are easy to use. During transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle feeding the baby seems happy and might not easily notice any difference. .

This is as a result of its breast-shaped nipple like bottle. The manufacturers got it on this one.

The Philips Avent SCF010/47 Natural 4 Ounce Bottle Features

have a wide base

enables easy washing and cleaning and you can easily see through it. They are quite popular.

It tends to promote a healthy feeding sequence between mother and baby.

The anti-colic valve helps remove any unwanted gas from the feeding,

Which will help prevent a fussy baby.

Comes in various models and sizes. Just visit the link below and purchase the Philips Avent SCF010/47 Natural 4 Ounce Bottle. They also allow you to pick another size

Medically, it has undergone some checks and the results shows that it reduces colic discomfort**

Air flex venting system is designed to reduce colic and gas

The nipple shaped tip will allow easy baby feeding and lasting nipple strength

You can easily arrange these together as it not a hard thing to do. Thanks to its simplistic nature

Compatible design

It comes in a suitable shape and design and it is compatible with other Philip avent products out there

The Item Weight 8 ounces

The Product Dimensions         7.1 x 5.1 x 4.4 inches

 Volumes : the volume of liquid is as follows – 330ml  , 125ml   fast flow 330ml

Item model number      SCF400/57

Material Type      : it is made of Plastic and its    BPA Free

The Style of product-   4 Ounce 5 pack

Dishwasher safe  Yes

Data Sheet [PDF]


Customer Reviews        The Philips Avent SCF010/47 Natural 4 Ounce Bottle Features has gathered

4.4 out of 5 stars   380 customer reviews. This is a positive sign and it shows that many parents love the product and are happy with them. So you should definitely check it out from amazon.

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Best bottle for toddler feeding : Munchkin LATCH BPA-free Bottle

The Munchkin LATCH BPA-free Bottle  for baby and toddlers helps so much in latching process. You and your baby need to be connected. Easily initiate a transition from breast to bottle so that the toddler adapts easily.

It is made with the real nipple structure in mind. There will be room for stretching and expansion and that is exactly what you need for a characteristic feeding.

A little pressure means that baby will have more flows of milk and this is exactly good for the baby. You don’t want your toddler struggling with out-coming flows.

The Latch bottle is designed to promote a healthy feeding and sleep cycle

Grow with baby

The best transition between breast and bottle occurs when bottle flow and mother’s flow match. Since all babies are different, this set includes an assortment of nipples that allows you to try all three flow rates to best meet your baby’s feeding stage and needs


Healthy Feeding

Makes it easy for you and your baby. You do not want your toddler to be frustrated and unhappy do you. The problem of indigestion caused by improper latching is solved with this bottle. Your child will eat enough food each day.

Sound Sleeping

Colic and reflux make your baby sleeping pattern to change. Avoid this by using the Munchkin LATCH BPA-free Bottle for baby and toddlers .give your baby better sleeping routines and sessions. This is what most doctors recommend

About the product

·         This product is made of silicone and plastic material

·         This is what you will find in the set = : (2) 4oz Bottles with Stage 1 Nipples (slow flow), (2) 8oz Bottles with Stage 2 Nipples (medium flow), (1) Newborn Pacifier (0+ mo), (1) Deluxe Bottle and Valve Brush, (2) Pump Adapters and (4) Sealing Discs

·         Nipple stretches gives an accurate latch and everyone is happy

·         Anti-colic valve is uniquely located at the bottom of the bottle to reduce gassiness and fussiness

·         Pressure against the nipple releases milk as baby sucks, just like the breast

·         Pump adapter is can be used with other known brands so it’s a one size fits all brands

·         This is a preferred latch bottle

·         You can clean this because its dishwasher safe

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Best breast feeding bottles for baby – Glass: Dr. Brown’s Options Glass Baby Bottles

Unlike a plastic bottle the Dr. Brown’s Options Glass Baby Bottles are essential when you need glass feeding bottle. Its not a plastic .

Just as any product that differentiates itself, this glass bottle is widely loved by parents especially mothers because it’s a convertible glass bottle. You will find these bottles in various sizes

Size  5 ounces as well as 9 ounces, this Dr. Brown’s bottle


an ergonomic design model. You need to check this out. The design is perfect

you can pour breast milk into these without hesitation. Very sleek feel and holding these is pretty cool.

Possesses a silicon nipple and a wide based bottle. As stated in this article.

The bottle’s internal vent system causes a massive reduction in air bubbles and you know this is very important during feeding the toddler, the process is pretty straight forward. When air passes into the collar, the vent system controls it so that babies can have an easy flow. This leads to lower pressure and flexible nipple and avoids a total nipple collapse.

Dr. Brown’s Options Glass Baby Bottles. dimensions

The Item Weight

This item weighs 2.2 pounds

The Product Dimensions

9.4 x 3.9 x 8.4 inches


Customer Reviews        3.8 out of 5 stars   261 customer reviews

From the reviews above, we can easily sum it up that over 78% of customers are satisfied with Dr. Brown’s Options Glass Baby Bottles. Everyone may not get this but is worth it  

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Best for Pumping: Medela Breast Milk Bottle Set

You do not want to spend the whole day pumping breast milk and washing bottles. If you are the busy working mum, you will really need an easier way to get those milk into the bottle

es. So the medela breastfeeding bottle is a key.

If your toddler suck more breast milk during n=breastfeeding you will have to pump more into these bottles.

The medela pumping breast bottle is a popular feeding bottle. Comes in a set

Made is for new born.

They are BPA free bottles and mother can know how much she wants to give the child. Easy to read lines and calibration on them makes these possible

Medela Breast milk Bottle Set, 5 Ounce, 3 Count

Medela breast pumps features –

It s made of plastic material and this is designed to be stored in a long time. You can use it over and over again as a breastfeeding mother.

The full set contains : (3) 5 ounce/150 milliliter breast milk bottles, (3) solid lids, (3) slow-flow silicone nipples, (3) wide base collars and travel caps.


  • Easily to be used on all medela breast pump bottle and accessories.
  • Easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe
  • You will be able to read volume of liquid as its calibrated in  millimeter markers.
  • Possess a travel cap that protects the nipple and makes them clean and safe
  • BPA.-free
  • Sizes are  in 5 or 8 ounce bottles


The breast pump may not be compatible with other manufacturer’s accessories. You can only use it with medela products. If this is not a major issue then purchasing this is just fine.

The base are not as wide as others but many parents love it because babies love them and it enhances smooth transitions

Medela breast pumps dimensions

Item Weight          6.9 ounces

The Product Dimensions         2.4 x 7.9 x 7.5 inches

The Item model number 87131-NEW

Material Type      BPA Free

User Manual [PDF]

Additional Information


Customer Reviews        4.0 out of 5 stars   1,499 customer reviews

   this reviews shows that many people are happy with this breast pump. i think its a great product too.

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Best for Reflux: MAM Newborn Gift Set breastfeeding bottle

Reflux is never a good thing as it’s a situation that if not properly handled can lead to great discomfort to your baby. Do you need to stop or avoid any kind of  reflux then you need the MAM New born breastfeeding bottle. You see when you have a list such as we have on this site, you need to wake up to know what you really want. Colic is something you really want to avoid. Using this breast bottle made for this purpose greatly reduces this as a study shows. 80 percent of the mother’s tested said after using this bottle their baby had less colic,

Babies love this product and their mothers have testified that the MAM Feed & Soothe Bottle & Pacifier Gift Set is a good buy.

The set includes two 5 oz. Anti-Colic bottles with slow flow nipples and two 9 oz. Anti-Colic bottles with medium flow nipples. The two Start pacifiers, suited for newborns 0-2 months old

There is something special about this product. It has a characteristic feel of nipple like tip that seems natural. MAM baby bottles are made to reduce colic, gas and reflux with and a vented system that prevent air passing to the baby while she’s feeding.

Complete Set

12 Piece Set Includes:

(2) 4oz Bottles with Stage 1 Nipples (slow flow)

(2) 8oz Bottles with Stage 2 Nipples (medium flow)

(1) Newborn Pacifier (0+ mo)

(1) Deluxe Bottle and Valve Brush

(2) Pump Adapters

(4) Sealing Discs

The Item Weight              4.8 ounces

MAM New born breastfeeding bottle Product Dimensions             7.7 x 2.9 x 5.7 inches

The Item model number              5242-006-3-1

Material Type      BPA-free


Customer Reviews        4.5 out of 5 stars   313 customer reviews

I think quite a lot of mothers are satisfied as these reviews are those who have actually used the product. I agree with them. A product may not have been too long in the market but it’s all about the usefulness.

you can order them today at a discount. From amazon today

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Best Budget: Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Fiesta Bottle

This is a set of six BPA free bottles for baby breastfeeding needs. Helps you avoid any kind of nipple confusion. They are

Easy to clean

Toss them into the washer and clean them after baby have eating a sumptuous meal and you will love these. After cleaning, simple keep in a warm place to dry.

Easy to hold

It avoids any kinds of distraction. Hold it properly to give your baby a perfect breast milk or formula if it’s the right age. You pick any size from the set and you are good.

Wide base.

Easily allows your hands when washing and it has a wide base.

It’s a colorful bottles for baby feeding and fun to use when washing. Mothers find it delightful and are happy with them

if you’re a busy breastfeeding mom who wants to pump, this All in One Starter Set contains a complete solution to help keep things simple. The set contains all you need to turn your favorite pump into part of the Pump and Go System ensuring you protect every drop of breast milk.

Intelligent Warmer

Wow this feature is very good as baby need to take warm food. The feeding bottle helps keep the food warm as the manufacturer has taken it into the creation of their product.

Fits Pump and Go pouches

So fit that you just pump your breast milk and when you are done you are good to go! It’s a plus from the tommy tippee bottle makers.

Pouch fits directly to pump

The pouch fits perfectly with the bottles from popular  brands. What these means is that it’s a general pump pouch. So purchasing the tommy  tippee brands makes it possible to use with any bottle ,

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