WHAT CAUSES BLEEDING GUMS? – Best tooth paste for bleeding gums


WHAT CAUSES BLEEDING GUMS? – Best tooth paste for bleeding gums

Do you really want to know what causes bleeding gums and what are some of the best toothpaste for bleeding gums? Then read on.there are so many things that could be responsible for this. in this site we shall discuss

How do I get my gums to stop bleeding?

  • Do dental checks
  • Get the best toothpaste for bleeding gums
  • Use a wonderful toothbrush
  • Observe the medicines you have been taking and change them
  • Brush slowly and purposefully
  • Brush daily
  • Eat less sugary foods

Are Bleeding gums dangerous?

They are. Yes they are dangerous. The reasons that they causes gingivitis and periodontitis. In severe conditions they can lead to cancer as medical studies have shown this. You don’t want such thing to get this far do you?

Can Bleeding Gums be a sign of cancer?

Yes it can cause cancer but that’s when it has reached an advanced stage. When you notice bleeding gums, it does not necessarily mean one has cancer. It has to do with failure to remove plaque

Why are my gums bleeding for no reason?

There are many underlying factors that may make your gums bleed for no reason.

Present of plaque


Hidden disease


What are bleeding gums? These are the situation that happens when your gums are bleeding due to not removing plaque. What is plaque removal? This is the process of removing many unwanted food particles before any action of bacterial on them. When you remove these food particles, bacteria will not be able to form on them and hereby eliminating plaque.


Let us put it this way, your gums bleed because you left some smaller food particles in your mouth and with time the bacteria that are present in the mouth began to act on them here when you begin to get involved with flossing, you will experience bleeding gums.




This is called Gingivitis and this is just the beginning. There are many more signs of these for example, your gums may become soft or swollen. You may also experience redness of the gums or spaced dentition. This means that the teeth begins to separate out and allows the formation of plaque.

Germs can be trapped in these spaces and holes that have been formed and hereby leading to a more serious condition.

If things continue to deteriorate, there will be tooth loss.

You may have noticed this in some other people. When they go for a tooth check at their dentist lab, he will ask them to book an appointment and when the set time is come, he will check the took with his tools and equipment’s before ascertaining the extent of damage.

Further prognosis will determine the next line of action. There are situations that the tooth will have to be removed totally.

I have heard and seen many cases like these. Total removal is necessary to prevent other teeth from getting affected. When your dentist recommend total removal, is there any other thing one can really do. In popular forums, many people who have suffer similar fate started in these way.

They complained about bleeding gums and deiced to visit the dentist and some of them have lost quite a number of their tooth.

It really sounds scary and if there is any remedy that will possibly help I bet its worth to give it a try.


 Periodontitis. Which is a severe condition that resulted from bleeding gums should never be taken lightly. See your dentist if you notice that you gums seems to be getting weaker or showing signs that they are bleeding.

Some useful facts

The incidence of gum disease increases with age. 50% of adults 30 years or older and 70% of those over 65 have gum disease. Stress is a major cause of these condition as studies have revealed. There are also some oral medications that can contribute to plague and periodontist.

Wisdom is to be watchful before and after you noticed the sudden change in dental health condition.

You need to find out if your dentist to see if any medication you have had in the past on currently on can affect your teeth. This is very important. Again, there are cases where bleeding gums and periodontist can be experience as a result of genetically factors. One may have inherited certain things and habits that generally affects one’s lifestyle. Early detection is a major key I this case. You dentist assistant will check your medical history and determine if there are genetically factors and causes that can adversely affect your teeth. Do not neglect this.


So when next you are brushing your teeth and observed that a pink like substance or blood like situation happens immediately you pour out saliva then there is blood in it, you should take it serious and do something about it. There you have the sign you are seeking for. If allowed it may continue for some days and weeks. We have mentioned that you need not worry as at this point you will be able to get attention and help because this is the early stage.

Bleeding gums treatment and solutions

Now we shall consider some of the possible treatments that can be done if one happens to encounter and finds himself in this situation. It’s never an easy thing at all. How to treat this conditions of bleeding gums disease.

Before we begin, let me say that having bleeding gums should never take away your happiness and joy. There is a solution and possible things you can do to help

So let’s see the various options as there is no one size fits all.

Try different things but always be guided and see some common testimonies that may be of help. I love to search for previous sufferer’s and see what has helped them.

So in this article, you will get practical help not just some fictitious things. Practical help that will be truly helpful. So I took time to make some research on possible best toothpaste for bleeding gums and other home remedies that really matters.

Home remedies first for bleeding gums

Get a lovely tooth brush for this purpose. Let me say the reason why I mention this.

Check to ensure its not a problem of having a toothbrush that is too soft. Ask yourself why there is remains of small food particles that have build up with time. Is your brush too soft or are you not covering all the areas of your tooth properly.

The answer to this will go a long way to help you solve the issue.

Now if you have a brush that is overly soft, you may leave out some food particles which may have sticks to your tooth gum.

Brush regularly

This is a no brainer. We wake up in the morning and brush our teeth and cleanse our mouth. Just adding it here. This time around brush your mouth slowly and steadily. Why am I emphasizing on slowly and steadily

I want you to carefully remove very dirt and plaque in the mouth and perhaps you may have been brushing in a hasty manner. Slow down this time around because you are going to be purposeful.

Get all the leftover plague out gradually.

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You need the best toothpaste for bleeding gums

You need to change things a bit. I know you already have a toothpaste you love for the family. We are talking about you current situation and change is required if you are going to see any results. Perhaps your current toothpaste is fine. But try to get another one. Get another toothpaste wit a special ingredient. There are quite a number of them at the market and I will mention some of them in this article.. so what are some of the best toothpaste for bleeding gums?


The American Dental Association (ADA) Mouth Healthy site recommends using a toothbrush with soft bristles, such as Colgate 360®, which cleans your teeth and gums thoroughly without irritation. try also the Crest Gum Detoxify Toothpaste, Deep Clean, 4.1 oz (116g) – Pack of 2.




Eat less sugary foods


Be moderate in everything you do. I believe that virtually everything we eat contain some level of sugar since sugars and needed to give us daily calories for energy. We cannot totally place a ban on eating sweetened foods but moderation should come into play in everything that you do.

If you have been consuming so much carbohydrate and sugars then the germs around our body systems have been doing much work and acting on them every time.

Control your diet. There are so many foods that colors our teeth and affects them in a negative way.


Beware of certain pain relievers

We are stress out daily and need something to relief our stress. Its true that some people could go play games and watch movies as a way of relieving the stress however other take medications and drugs. Some of these drugs can thin your gums and give room for bleeding gums. When you notice a symptoms of bleeding gums, check all recent medicines you have taken recently.


Go for dental checks  – see gum detoxify toothpaste  on amazon

Dental checks are important if one is going to get to the root of the matter. I know not everyone out there can access this but do it if you can. Allowing the medical team to x-ray your teeth to see any faults and analyze the state of dentition is a necessary cause. So try it out and who know- it may just be what you need. And please when you arrive there, try to ask some questions on anything you do not understand. You should learn so that whatever caused the bleeding gums, after treatment, you won’t repeat or make the same mistake.


What is parodontax Toothpaste?

parodontax is a daily anti cavity toothpaste that helps you cure bleeding gums. When your gums start to bleep , you need to take some steps and make adequate changes. Parodontax toothpaste is among the best toothpaste for bleeding gums


*used as  a sodium monofluorophosphate toothpaste and brush twice with these toothpaste daily to see maximum effects


parodontax MOA

best toothpaste for bleeding gums-How paradontax Toothpaste Works

it has been onfirmed that parondontax will help you a lot as a bleeding gums toothpaste. You need it to get things working again for you or the person that you love. Try parodontax toothpaste and help prevent bleeding gums.*


parodontax toothpaste ingredients as reviews says  , stannous fluoride, strengthens teeth and makes all the gaps that have been created to become tight again. This is a huge step toward tooth health gain.


*Following a professional cleaning & twice daily brushing


parodontax Whitening

Parodontax Whitening for bleeding gums

Parodontax Whitening is a daily toothpaste that helps to improve gum healthy while gently whitening teeth. Use it daily to help to prevent bleeding gums, a sign of gingivitis, protect against cavities, and freshen breath.

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