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Baby Bjorn Original Baby Carrier with All Weather Baby Cover – Infant Newborn Toddler Ergonomic. mini

The review will tell you what I think about using this baby carrier so stay with me on this.
1. Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Original – I love it because I can easily carry my baby inside it easier easily without any hiccups.

I do not need anyone to help me as I will do it easily. Snapping in or out the way and when I want it. Super easy you will say.

– ease  of carrying the toddler in this carrier and she falls asleep, I will unloose the strap and transfer her into the crib with her waking up from sleep.

There is a way its mesh that’s so cool and do not causes sweat even when we are together.

– very easy to toss up into my diaper bag as its light weight and my baby just allows my the space to walk or move around.
– you can pull out the straps to bring baby closer to you and even when your baby is weeks old, you will only need to adjust the straps so that they can bath easily.
– you can use the baby bjorn carrier for up to a year.

There is a simple adjustment for the height so your baby height and muscle develops and strengthen itself

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Original features

Very Easy and safe – 24/7

Very easy to adjust the straps so your baby can have enough comfy space

The smart secure strap

Has a colored buckle the baby carrier incorrectly.

Has a  two-part design

Wow very easy to lift up a sleeping child and keep him in the crib without any hassles whatsoever.

Great for your toddlers baby Carrier Original is specially made in cooperation with pediatricians to fit your baby from birth – no need for pillows or extra inserted materials

The strong and movable head supportbjorn mini carier

It Provides proper support for the head and neck.

Possesses good back support

Keeps legs in an ergo position that matters.

Remain in the Upright position

Controls baby’s breathing during sleep or while carrying baby.

Free movement for arms and legs

Which develops muscles, motor skills and coordination

Review of Baby Bjorn Original Baby Carrier

Baby require many contact touches and points in their early stages of life. If your baby falls asleep, simply unbuckle baby carrier at the top and lay your sleeping baby down without waking him/her up! The Baby Carrier Original does not occupy much space. Comes very handy and can be carried along in your diaper bag. So you see its very lightweight. Again it possesses a lining that helps to keep your baby dry. So when you carry your baby and she sweats, this will not affect you since the lining does the job easily.

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Features of the Original Baby Carrier: from the manufacturer

Our most basic baby carrier model with just a few adjustable buckles we have addedReview of Baby Bjorn Original Baby Carrier head support so that the first five month of baby’s life get the needed head support and it keeps the baby in a good position. Baby Carrier Original features you need to choose if you want your baby to face inside or outside direction. Either way you choose, it really doesn’t matter. Remove your newborn with easy and put her down on the crib mattress so that you can attend to other matters. Yeah the baby bjorn carrier is very handy and helps you in this way.


I am a 40 inch waist person. Would this product be a good fit for me to wear?


Yes it is adjustable. However, in my opinion save yourself the trouble and get a boba or ergo carrier. The Bjorn was good up until my baby was around 10 lbs and then it kills your back because of it not having a waist belt. You can remedy this by getting a boba 4 G especially when your newborn reaches above 10 lbs.

Is the Gray/White Mesh Baby Carrier better for places where the summer is very hot and humid?


Probably. Not sure it makes a big deal though. But you can bypass this if you choose another color.

How is the Original different from the Miracle? They appear very similar. Thank you.


the major differences is the waist belt and back support which offer better weight distribution and it helps you carry your baby for a longer time. That is the difference I know


what is the max weight?


This product has a  max weight of  11 kg

Features of the All-Weather Cover: The baby carrier’s cover is of windproof material keeps the cold out. It is water resistant and windproof yet breathable. It keeps your baby warm in cold, wet and windy weather.

Fits you & your partner: The original Baby Carrier easily adjusts to fit multiple wearers from petite to larger body types.

Baby Bjorn Original Baby Carrier Product information

Color: the color is black

The Technical info

The Item WeightIt weighs 2.65 pounds
The Package Dimensions11.6 x 10.4 x 3.8 inches
Batteries requiredNo

Additional Information

The ASIN numberB07KY4VSFB
Customer ReviewsThe baby bjorn carrier has gathered 4.4 out of 5 stars   1,682 customer reviews

Bottom of Form


A moderately priced carrier but very useful .you can get it at a discount today from amazon here.

Editor’s thoughts

Very nice product as reviewed here

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