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Annuity Investment for Retirement- how to retire gracefully

Annuity Investment for Retirement

 Planning for retirement is something that every worker and civil servant out there dreams and hope to do someday. Why is an annuity be arranged for retirement?
The reason are vey obvious. Retirement takes so much from us especially as many will not be able to work again.  The non flowing cash at that age will affect the health and emotional stability of many. This is one of the reason why we advocate an earlier investment such as an annuity for retirement.

What is an annuity investment? Who is this investment right for?
Annuity payments are simple the monthly or scheduled payments to be made into your bank account after a contract have been signed and all parties involved  come to a mutual decision.

Simply put, you contribute a fixed amount  lump sum, you check the quotes and rates of annuity investment, you are given a copy of the contract paper to sign and you receive your monthly or quarterly payments into your account with interest. This may last for a year or more.
I hope you get the gist.
This is just my own way of explaining what’s on ground.
Annuity can serve an insurance purpose like death protection.
Again depending on the type of annuity chosen by you, it may also serve as an investment option on your fixed deposits and bank rates charges.

The companies who engage in annuity investment includes insurance companies and they will offer you a fixed rate of return.

Fixed rate of return means that no matter what happens in the market, you get paid the fixed amount as agreed.

Its true that some expert advice  that you  explore other investment channels that would yield more interest and returns.
Some expert  are of the opinion that annuity should be regarded as a last resort after other investment channels have been considered.

I strongly believe that the decision to invest in retirement plans such as annuity lies with the investor. Due diligence should however be conducted.

In conclusion, do not be carried away by a promise of high interest rate. The security of your investment is also very important.

Most funds are however put not the stock market despite the fact that some investors may be wary of these.
I suggest you get a prospectus of the company you want to process you annuity payments with and learn their investment behavior.
You will also be privileged to connect to their top management staff and ask them salient questions. Remember that planning your annuity retirement is still a top priority for a safer future.
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